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I am going to talk about blood

On period, patriarchy and celebrating blood as LIFE.

It was a full moon, which is usually when I get my periods in this time of my life. I knew it was time, my ovaries told me, I had felt quite bloated the days before, and my best friend had witnessed one or two sudden spurs of anger.

A male friend was coming to visit me to pick something at my house and when I was asked how I was I…




Waves are reflections on feminisms, social justice and emotions with a narrative perspective. It questions the paradigms currently in place through an approach centred on the emotional and spiritual as well as in the political and logical. It is curated by Virginia Vigliar.

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Virginia Vigliar

Virginia Vigliar

Culture writer/editor investigating narratives on social justice with feminist eyes — find my daily shenanigans on @vivivigliar

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