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Righteous Rage: a reflection

Looking at anger and how we can collectively grapple with it in a healthy way

Flowers — Angela Dane

I am here to talk about anger. Violence and Judgement have been the forever dance partners of this emotion, but I dream of anger that can be equalled to that force that the radicle needs to push the seed out of the earth to become a plant. This is an anger that can coexist with love…




Waves are reflections on feminisms, social justice and emotions with a narrative perspective. It questions the paradigms currently in place through an approach centred on the emotional and spiritual as well as in the political and logical. It is curated by Virginia Vigliar.

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Virginia Vigliar

Virginia Vigliar

Culture writer/editor investigating narratives on social justice with feminist eyes — find my daily shenanigans on @vivivigliar

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