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A Brief History of WAX NFTs

Part 2: The Rise of Utility and Games

From Collectibles to Utility

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the earliest major releases on Simple Assets and Atomic Assets. Collections from Nifty Wizards, Blockchain Heroes, Mutant Warriors and Atari were among the earliest collectibles that pioneered the way for many more. The unique pack opening systems unique to WAX, combined with negligible fees for minting, brought thousands of NFT enthusiasts to AtomicHub.

In the midst of more creators and consumers coming to WAX, some collections took things to the next level by bringing innovation and utility to their NFTs.

Play and Earn Games

One of the first collections to innovate in the space was RFox. With the release of the Kogs (Keys to Other Games) collectible series, reminiscent of Pogs from the nineties, Kogs was perhaps the first to promise a game in which collectors’ NFTs could be used to play. Their ecosystem continues to grow.

The creators of Blockchain Heroes created the world’s first NFT-based subscription box in late 2020 with The Nifty Box. More than 250 membership cards were purchased by enthusiasts eager to receive fresh drops on a regular basis. The team made it rain NFTs into member wallets for fifteen months straight, with original and unique drops in various rarities being received on a regular basis.

Alien Worlds was another early adopter of both Simple Assets and Atomic Assets, with packs of cards attracting thousands of collectors around the world. The team pioneered integrating a fungible token (TLM) that could be earned by visiting the website and “mining” the token with NFT equipment and gear. One of the top Dapps on DappRadar, it’s exciting that this project debuted on WAX.

Today we see dozens of play and earn games being built on WAX, including Immersys, Wombat Dungeon Master, Colonize Mars, Novopangea, Draco Dice and WAX’s own Blockchain Brawlers. The future for play and earn and Metaverse is bright on WAX!

Pioneering Utility by Blending

Perhaps one of the most significant innovations in the early days of Atomic Assets was pioneered by Michael Blu, a musician/artist who has pushed the boundaries of available technology from the beginning. mBlu, as he is known in the community, may have been the first to implement “blend” technology for a major release. His Uplift.art project invited collectors to combine existing NFTs (burn them) and receive a totally new collectible as a result. A common activity with a variety of iterations in today’s WAX ecosystem, this was novel and new when first introduced.

There are dozens of other collections that helped pave the way for the vibrant WAX ecosystem that we are all excited about today. In part 3 of this series, we’ll look at the tools, sites and further innovations that are setting the stage for the next big move in NFTs.

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