Amazon Prime Gaming Partners with WAX to Bring Brawler’s™ to a Global Audience

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3 min readOct 26, 2023


Today, we step into an era where Web3 gaming, powered by the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), unites with Amazon Prime Gaming’s colossal user base. The flagship title in question? Brawlers. A game set to redefine player engagements and the entire domain of gaming.

A Glimpse Into Brawlers

Built by WAX’s gaming studio, whose investors include OKX, a leading global crypto exchange and innovative Web3 company, Brawlers is not just another strategy game. It is where humor meets fierceness. Players dive into a world of quirky wrestlers, each with their own unique style, battling it out in gripping player-versus-player (PvP) showdowns. The goal is not only victory but also the collection of in-game tokens ( $BRWL ) and player owned digital assets to power up and amplify the wrestling prowess of their avatars.

A Touch of Magic

Any Magic: The Gathering fans here? The genius behind this legendary trading card game, Richard Garfield, has lent his expertise to Brawlers. Collaborating with Tyranno Studios, he has breathed life into an unparalleled PvP mode that promises to keep players on the edge of their seats. This innovative card game design cannot be found anywhere else in the gaming world other than here in Brawlers.

Amazon Prime Gaming: Ahead of the Curve

Amazon Prime Gaming’s collaboration with WAX is not a mere partnership. It’s a testament to their commitment to advancing gaming experiences, and constantly embracing technological evolution. Amazon Prime Gaming is the unquestioned leader in connecting players with improved customer experiences across all games that take part in this program.

Brawlers and Beyond

Michael Rubinelli, a veteran of the gaming world with illustrious stints at industry giants like Disney, Electronic Arts, and THQ, stands at the helm of Tyranno Studios. Under his guidance, Brawlers, although a debut game from the studio, has already cemented its reputation in the Web3 community.

With this partnership, the excitement isn’t just limited to new game dynamics or worldwide accessibility. Players on Prime Gaming will get exclusive in-game items, enriching their Brawlerverse experience even further with real world merchandise from the partners that will be participating in this event such as Therabody. Each month more physical prizes will be given away for free to players that opt to link their Amazon Prime account with Brawlers.

Into the Brawlerverse

The expansive world of Brawlers doesn’t just promise thrilling matches. Players delve into crafting assets, developing strategies, and even get a chance to collect limited-edition digital collectibles, including ones inspired by the wrestling legend, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Get the latest version of the game at the Epic Store, and get your prizes and assets on Amazon Prime Gaming. Shop for more assets on Brawlers Marketplace.

For those gearing up to jump into this immersive universe via Amazon Prime Gaming, stay tuned and connected through the Brawlers’ vibrant Discord community. Today marks just the beginning, and the journey ahead promises to be filled with excitement, challenges, and unparalleled gaming joy. Welcome to the new era of gaming. Welcome to Brawlers!

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