Antelope Upgrade Accelerates WAX Blockchain’s Journey to Mainstream

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We are thrilled to announce that today WAX Blockchain leaps forward with its Antelope 3.1 core protocol hard fork and upgrade.

WAX is joining the rest of the Antelope Coalition members, EOS, Telos, and UX, to serve our community like never before! Our latest upgrade, Antelope 3.1, includes many important advances that will help us to ensure that the WAX Blockchain platform continues to dominate Web3 Gaming and Digital Assets space. WAX blockchain is a carbon-neutral blockchain protocol for Web3 gaming and NFTs with a rich ecosystem of over 100K third-party dApps and digital collectibles, hosting top web3 games and marketplaces.

We’re also excited to announce that Antelope will offer a range of common tools, interfaces, APIs, and documentation resources that will make it easier than ever to build Web3 Games and other Applications on WAX Blockchain. As the future becomes increasingly multi-chain, WAX Blockchain Platform will be the most user-friendly, stable, and secure protocol for creating new Web3 Solutions that are infinitely flexible and constantly upgradeable.

Distilling months of research and development into a single network upgrade, the Antelope v3.1 release introduces several exciting new features, including improved transaction lifecycles and subjective billing improvements. With new tools like Transaction Retry, Transaction Finality Status, and Transaction Resource Cost Estimation, you can enjoy a smoother, more predictable gaming and digital assets trading experience.

But that’s not all — the Antelope v3.1 release includes several other exciting upgrades, like improved compatibility with the GELF appender logging protocol, upgraded crypto primitives and encryption libraries, and a new snapshot format.

With the Mandel 3.0 features and EOSIO 2.1 backports, the Antelope v3.1 release is the most comprehensive and cutting-edge blockchain upgrade yet.

WAX Blockchain, together with other partners from the Antelope coalition, has already initiated several multi-million-dollar development projects that will revolutionize the way we build Web3 applications. Additional enhancements like Instant Finality, seamless and secure Inter Blockchain Communication protocol, and improved Resource Model, Antelope 3.1 upgrade is the first step in unprecedented blockchain technology innovation offering speed, scalability, and privacy. More details on these upgrades are outlined in our 2023 Roadmap blog post.

So what are you waiting for? Join us on the forefront of the web3 revolution and experience the future of blockchain technology with WAX Blockchain; Get your Cloud Wallet now.

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