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Bitverse Begins

New Hero and Villain NFTs Take Over the WAX Blockchain

Superheroes are a massive staple in today’s entertainment industry. From movies, games and all other kinds of collectibles, there is no shortage of fun to be had. Heroes originally began emerging in the mid-1930s by way of newspapers, and new heroes continue to make their debut in today’s society through avenues. Now it’s time to explore the fantasy of brave heroes and dastardly villains in a new way. Introducing the world’s latest set of super-collectibles, the BitBoy Bitverse Series 1 NFT Art Collection is headed to the WAX Blockchain. Ben Armstrong said, “The plan for BitBoy Crypto was always to be a fun and unique comic book concept. As we shifted to crypto news & reviews, in the back of my mind I knew we would get back to the comic universe.” He is excited to release this set, “These cards have been years in the making. The Bitverse is dawning & I couldn’t be more excited.”

What can fans collect?

Take a trip into a brand-new, crypto-based digital universe where superheroes and villains rule the cities. The Bitverse Series 1 Collectibles consist of 42 original characters, equipment, mash-ups and locations. Each digital collectible, otherwise known as a non-fungible token (NFT), will be available in 4 amazing rarities.

The WAX blockchain has seen previous releases sell out in as little as 35 seconds, and we look forward to seeing this innovative collection of colorful characters hit the market. Packs will be available for purchase on April 13th at 1 pm EST. You can learn more about the release here.

There are 2 pack sizes available:

  • Silver Pack of 10 NFTs — $9.99
  • Gold Pack of 30 NFTs — $24.99

Only 6,000 Silver packs and 3,000 Gold packs will be available for purchase. Act fast before they’re all gone!

When opening a pack, you have a chance at receiving one of 4 stunning rarities:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Legendary

Once your packs have been purchased, head over to Bitverse and open them at 4 pm EST the same day. Should you choose to do so, you can easily trade any unopened packs or individual cards to anyone with a WAX wallet, sell them on the secondary NFT marketplace, trade them or simply show them off on social media to all of your friends.

Get unique NFTs from this collection by joining and participating in the beta test run on April 12th at 1 pm EST, the day before the official launch. Help smooth out the mechanisms and hammer out any flaws in the servers to ensure a smooth release; enjoy special promotional collectibles as a thank you from WAX to you. Join our discord to receive a notification when the beta goes live.

With time, additional utility will be added to Bitverse NFTs in the coming months as well as a physical deck builder game that will be mailed out to holders of this digital collection. The sky is the limit and this release is going to be absolutely super.

Various past NFTs have resold for above $70,000 with the use of WAX-powered marketplaces and dApps. Following multiple successful releases on the WAX Blockchain, the Bitverse collection has the opportunity to hold, or even increase its value on the secondary market.

As an added feature, all Bitverse cards are pre-minted in the packs. This benefit allows collectors to have a chance at receiving lower mints, regardless of when the packs are opened. Open your packs at your pace; either immediately or one year from now, the odds of receiving a lower mint never diminishes. This also increases the value of unopened packs over time due to the possibility of them containing one of these lower mints. Even 10 years from now, unopened packs will continue to hold their value — and then some!

Join WAX and participate in the battle between good and evil for the Bitverse universe. What side are you on?

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