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BlastOff: A WAX Community Puzzle NFT #1

Maybe the real utility was the friends we made along the way.

Joking aside, you’re part of a grand adventure — a collective settling of the web 3 frontier. Whether you live in your favorite projects’ Discord servers, go full degen on Twitter and Telegram or just lurk and admire your NFT collection, you’ve made history alongside a horde of WAX users.

As we charge forth into 2023, we’d like to take this time to celebrate your pioneering efforts with a one-time collectible NFT mini-series that costs you nothing. These tokens are no mere promo pieces, though: While they herald a massive, unprecedented effort undertaken by a combination of WAX’s most powerful forces, we’re eager to watch a new story unfold in which you take the place of the digital heroes.

This mini-series signals a new Blastoff for the WAX community. In true, mold-breaking fashion, every token in this series contains several hidden messages — a combination of thought-provoking questions intended to guide you towards meaningful truth and hints as to WAX’s next big endeavor.

The first of these tokens drops tomorrow and holds the first fragments of the key to WAX’s near future. Only the crafty, clever and vigilant will glimpse what comes next.

Each week a new piece of the puzzle will be revealed with hidden messages. Be sure to discuss this in the WAX discord or other channels you may discover on this puzzle journey.

We’ve saved you a seat aboard the rocket. Buckle in!

To claim the first in a four-part series of NFTs…

Join the WAX Community:

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