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BlastOff: A WAX Community Puzzle NFT #2

We have liftoff! Have you checked your space suit? Boarded the rocket? Strapped yourself in?

If you participated in stage #1 activities, you will soon receive an airdrop of the NFT below. There are four unique messages hidden in this image, all of which are clues as to WAX’s upcoming announcement. Can you find all four? Be sure to discuss in the official WAX discord

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we’re all in this world together as pioneers — even the collectors, the hodlers, the degens. The world of web3 is so fresh and new and exciting; full of unknowns! When your ‘normal’ is boldly going where nobody has gone before, even the novelty can become mundane.

We may not be risking life and limb in a thoroughly-engineered tin can pointed at the moon, but like NASA’s Apollo program, we’re exploring an uncharted frontier. In such a context, it’s tough to reduce the efforts of builders, creators and collectors to individual gain. As was famously spoken upon the surface of a celestial body far from here: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Have you ever considered that there is no “up” in space? It’s a bit omnidirectional. Yet, humanity’s technological ascent clearly bears upwards — to greater and more fantastic heights with every passing day. It’s easy to draw parallels between the physical force of gravity and the figurative danger of innovation. Builders build out of vision and ambition, and what’s normal or even comfortable can hold people back. It’s why we have “comfort zones”, or “bubbles” in which we’re content to maintain the status quo.

To do anything awesome, we have to leave that comfort zone, breach that bubble and pierce that atmosphere.

In case it must be said in clearer terms, yes, we are careening towards the unprecedented. We’re glad that you’re joining us.

With that said, we’re pleased to announce a primary partner for this new endeavor. While a number of WAX marketplaces have surfaced for our community in the past few years, AtomicHub.io has been leading the way using the AtomicAssets protocol since 2020. With more than 2.3 million users and more than 300 million NFTs created on the platform, Atomic helps provide the fuel needed on our journey to the moon.

The second exclusive NFT in a four-part series will be released with additional puzzles to solve at the end of stage #2. This stage’s activities include activating with AtomicHub! Ready to participate? Find the new activities to earn points and qualify ⇒ CLICK HERE


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