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BlastOff: A WAX Community Puzzle NFT #3

That’s no m… no, that’s definitely a moon.

Symbolically, the moon is more than a representation of mankind’s achievement or an image of a new token all-time high. The moon symbolizes worthy ambition — that’s why a “moonshot” is such a big deal.

With the collaboration and adventurous enterprises of buyers and builders like you, we’ve already achieved some huge moonshots! It’s humbling to know that WAX is the most-transacted blockchain, one of the best places to build games on web3, and home to many phenomenal communities. We’re not bragging — you’ve made all of this possible!

We’ll brag a little about what’s coming — increasing WAXP utility, launching the EVM, bridging the Cloud Wallet to an increasing number of other chains, facilitating even greater collaboration between Cloud Wallet users and increasing the usability and discoverability of vIRLs are all 2023 Roadmap material worthy of celebration! Building towards maximized utility, interoperability, and usability is part of the reason for why we get up in the morning.

If you’ve been keeping up with us on Twitter, you might have already seen that WAX is partnering with AtomicHub, the largest marketplace on the chain. AtomicHub has been key to our ecosystem since the early stages. Hundreds of ambitious projects have found huge success through the tools and interface that the AH team has worked tirelessly to develop, update, and improve upon. AtomicHub’s development chops are equally integral to the project we’re gearing up to launch! This is why you’ll find the AtomicHub logo featured on the exclusive Stage Two NFT titled “Exit the Atmosphere.” This NFT will be dropped only to the wallets of those who completed the designated tasks. , this NFT features a hidden message for puzzle hounds.

We’re supplying the tech. AtomicHub is bringing the platform. However, there is a third ingredient to this lunar cocktail. It’s our pleasure to announce that we’re also collaborating with an early contributor to the WAX ecosystem — a team whose passion for progress and adding value is steering our next endeavor. The Nifty Company is composed of team members who launched the sprawling, superpowered collectible franchise Blockchain Heroes, the cross-chain utility Upland Collectibles, and the world’s first-ever NFT subscription service, The Nifty Box.

Our three organizations have joined forces to bring this particular moonshot to fruition. We’re building a new approach to holistic ecosystem development founded on a win-win-win between builders, collectors, and the blockchain itself. Regardless of whether you’re holding hundreds of thousands of assets, just joined us with your first NFT, or you’re building something fresh and exciting on WAX, we think you’ll love what comes next.

It’s a big rocket with enough space for us to shoot the moon — together.

Are you ready to collect the Stage Three exclusive NFT titled “To the Moon”? Complete the latest activities on the official entry page! Remember, holding all three NFTs on the upcoming snapshot date will get you a bonus FOURTH exclusive NFT.

And be ready to join us for a LIVE Twitter Spaces on Wednesday, February 1st at 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST when we will put all the pieces together and share the details of exactly what we are doing with AtomicHub and The Nifty Company. Not only will you learn why we are excited about this project, but we’ll also provide the answers to the hidden messages in , , and Stage 3 collectible NFTs. Have you found them yet?

Get suited up because we’re going to the moon!

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