Breaking Barriers: Antelope IBC Revolutionizes Inter-Blockchain Communication on WAX

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Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) has become a pivotal technology within the blockchain industry, enabling separate blockchains to seamlessly communicate and share information. Antelope IBC, a groundbreaking solution developed for Antelope-powered chains, aims to revolutionize the way blockchain networks interact. In this article, we will explore the concept of IBC, the unique features of Antelope IBC, and the potential it holds for the WAX ecosystem.

Understanding IBC

At its core, IBC facilitates communication between two independent blockchains by allowing them to exchange data regarding their respective ledgers. It enables users to provide evidence to contracts on one blockchain, verifying that a specific contract action occurred on a different blockchain. While token and asset transfers between blockchains are the most obvious use case, IBC opens up a multitude of possibilities. For instance, it enables governance utility token leverage across multiple blockchains or facilitates transaction routing for scaling purposes in GameFi projects.

Current IBC Solutions vs Antelope IBC

Existing IBC solutions often rely on bridges that introduce additional trust and deficiencies. These solutions utilize multi-signature oracles operated by trusted third parties, requiring users to place their trust in the bridge’s smart contract and the entities behind it. Antelope IBC aims to overcome these limitations by allowing users to perform transactions without relying on third parties or additional trust.

Antelope IBC works by implementing the bridge methodology directly at the chain’s base layer, rather than through external entities. Users can lock up tokens on Chain A, prove the lock on Chain B, and mint a wrapped version of the token on Chain B. The reverse process allows users to move tokens back to Chain A. With this approach, users hold all the necessary proof elements to demonstrate the occurrence of an action on the source blockchain and prove it on the destination blockchain. This implementation ensures trust between Antelope chains without introducing unnecessary vulnerabilities.

Instant Finality and Its Impact on IBC

For an action to be proven on the destination chain, it must reach finality on the source chain, meaning it becomes permanent and irreversible. Antelope chains currently achieve finality within seconds, providing a significant improvement over other networks such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, to further enhance the user experience and enable applications requiring near-instant finality, the Antelope Coalition introduced the Instant Finality initiative.

Instant Finality leverages the HotStuff mechanism, enabling block producers to signal consensus on finalizing a specific block as quickly as network conditions allow. This modification allows Antelope chains to achieve deterministic finality within seconds, providing users with the assurance that transactions in finalized blocks cannot be reversed without violating the protocol rules. Instant Finality enhances the capabilities of Antelope IBC, paving the way for innovative use cases.

Elastic Sidechains: Scaling the WAX Ecosystem

With the implementation of Antelope IBC and Instant Finality on WAX, developers gain access to a concept called elastic sidechains. Elastic sidechains address the inevitable throughput limitations that any blockchain faces by utilizing Antelope IBC and Instant Finality to route transactions to parallel sidechains.

Main chain tokens can manage resources and operations on the side chains without requiring separate sets of validators. This elastic scaling approach allows for increased throughput, accommodates a higher number of users, and enables isolated or segmented applications. Elastic side chains retain value within the ecosystem, preventing it from dissipating to other chains with their own tokens solely created for scalability purposes.

IBC Supported Tokens

The current implementation of IBC allows native tokens of founding members of the Antelope Coalition to be seamlessly bridged between WAX, EOS, Telos, and UX Networks, establishing a powerful network of networks among these coalition protocols. Check out these essential IBC smart contracts on the WAX Blockchain for more details and functionality.

Proof Verification: ibc.prove

Wrap Lock EOS: ibc.wl.eos

Wrap Lock TLOS: ibc.wl.tlos

Wrap Lock UX: ibc.wl.ux

Wrap Token EOS: ibc.wt.eos

Wrap Token TLOS: ibc.wt.tlos

Wrap Token UX: ibc.wt.ux

The reference UI demo (supporting Anchor Wallet) can be found here.

The Future of DeFi on WAX with IBC

Antelope IBC brings numerous advantages to the current DeFi landscape on WAX and Antelope chains. Users can easily transfer assets between Antelope networks and take advantage of various staking opportunities. With the launch of Antelope IBC underway, there’s never been a better time to build on WAX!

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