Draco Dice to Rewrite the Rules for Blockchain Gaming

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7 min readNov 4, 2021


This November, experience a new era of gaming NFTs, P2E competition and game development on WAX and beyond

No matter if you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore D&D enthusiast, the odds are that you have a well-used collection of dice. The alluring colors and millions of styles make each piece unique and special, like a fingerprint.

Now, imagine having the ability to digitally take your favorite pieces with you everywhere you go as NFTs that can be used in a smorgasbord of video games. Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg with the all-new, revolutionary Draco Dice collection and game coming to WAX this November.

What Are Draco Dice?

Draco Dice are virtual, fully authenticated and tradable blockchain dice in the form of NFTs that can be used across any and all compatible games.

That’s right, although they release alongside the brand-new Draco Dice: Skirmish mobile game, their uses know no bounds.

This is something never successfully done before, and it adds a new layer of ownership for your NFTs. Just like grabbing your favorite set of physical dice and heading out the door, your Draco Dice will always be in your pocket, just waiting to be used.

This Is Especially Exciting for Other Game Developers

The flexibility of this technology is unparalleled. Devs can use the pre-existing dice and shape their coding around it; that way, the game pieces are ready to go, and all that’s missing is the game! It’s an easy and fun way to get started creating your own masterpiece.

“We are lowering the barrier to entry for blockchain game developers by supplying an established base of NFTs and a user base that values them,” Zach Comm, dice enthusiast and head of operations, recently shared with WAX.

“This makes it a lot easier to develop a game because they already have assets readily available. It also means that they have a user base automatically interested in playing since they already have the dice to play with,” continued Comm.

It’s a win-win — NFT holders get more ways to play and game developers enjoy a jump start.

In addition to this already spectacular display of ingenuity, Draco Dice are also fully tradable across multiple blockchain platforms. We’re talking about two-way transfers to use your NFTs on WAX, Ethereum or Binance freely without any risk to the integrity of your collection.

Talk about freedom to play your way — and we’re just getting started!

What Can You Get

Draco Dice will be available in 3,372 meticulously handcrafted designs from master illustrator, Clark Mitchell, who is well-known for his work for both Hasbro and Disney. Trust us when we say, they… are… GORGEOUS!

Series 1 boasts eight (8) stunning rarities:

  • Wood — Common
  • Plastic — Uncommon
  • Stone — Scarce
  • Jelly — Rare
  • Plush — Epic
  • Porcelain — Legendary
  • Metal — Mythic
  • Glass — Celestial

Every material has a whopping 384 unique dice. This breaks down to eight (8) color schemes and eight (8) tertiary color accents that change their appearance, making 64 complete sets. Get them all and piece together your dream collection.

Exceptions: Blockchain Heroes Dice come in 50 color schemes (no accents) and Glass comes in 64 color schemes (no accents)

Upon taking a closer look at each piece, you may notice that the “1” is missing and replaced with an image.

This Is Where Things Get Spicy

These images are known as “Enchant Symbols,” and they play a vital role in the corresponding game, Draco Dice: Skirmish.

There are eight (8) possible symbols:

  • Haunt
  • Immolate
  • Guard
  • Rally
  • Punish
  • Restore
  • Splash
  • Stagger

Read on to see what these mean and why they’re so important.

Three Packs to Choose From

Ready to start your collection? Choose from three (3) Packs and be ready to roll.

  • Minor Pack contains six (6) pre-minted dice retailing for $9.95
  • Major Pack contains 36 pre-minted dice retailing for $49.95

The Minor Packs will guarantee one of each kind of die: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 sided dice.

Draco Dice has also partnered with Blockchain Heroes to make a stellar mashup of dice — there is a unique set of dice for all 50 heroes from the Blockchain Heroes Series 1 collection, which makes an extra 300 dice in these packs alone — you definitely won’t want to miss out!

  • Blockchain Heroes Pack contains six (6) random promotional Blockchain Heroes pre-minted dice retailing for $14.95

There will be two (2) four-hour unlimited sales of these packs on November 6, 2021 at 12 pm ET and 12 am ET. This is your opportunity to secure yours, so much sure you’re ready to go ahead of time!

You can open your packs on November 9, 2021 at 4 am ET and immediately show them off to the world or start trading with your friends.

If you miss the primary sale, don’t fret. Booster Packs are coming soon so that you can always get in on the fun. These will contain Common, Uncommon, Scarce and Rare dice only, although the fancier sets can always be traded on secondary markets.

Playing Draco Dice: Skirmish

“I have my dice, now what?”

Get ready to break those suckers in, ’cause we’re diving into the world of Draco Dice: Skirmish, a turn-based game full of luck, logic and magical abilities.

Upon loading into the game, you will see all of your dice NFTs on a loadout screen. Select one of each (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 sided dice), confirm your loadout and get ready for some fun.

This Is How It Works

At the beginning of the game, you will see two sets of dice — yours will be at the bottom of the screen, while your opponent sits at the top.

Both D20s will roll to decide who plays first — high roll wins. The dice will automatically roll one more time, this being the “hand you are dealt” for the duration of the match, so-to-speak.

Players will take turns selecting one of their pieces to attack one of the opponent’s dice. This continues until one player destroys the other player’s hand, claiming victory.

However, there’s a twist.

Remember us mentioning Enchant Emblems?

Each Enchant gives a special ability, which is then displayed by the die that rolled it. The die then rolls again for a number to be used in the match.

Due to the differing odds each die has of rolling an enchant, some enchants are more effective on some dice shapes than others. This will be an excellent time for players to start putting logic into their arsenal and make the play that’s going to win the game.

*The rarity of your collection does not affect the damage of your dice or Enchant Emblem abilities.

The game will be available on Apple and Android devices with the public beta on track to go live in January, 2022. We can’t wait!

Hardcore Mode — Redefining P2E

Want to kick it into high gear?

Here, the game and rules are the same — however, at the beginning of each match, one Draco Dice NFT from each player’s loadout will be randomly selected and placed in escrow. At the end of the match, the winning party will not only reclaim their NFT, but also the NFT from their opponent.

This is the first time ever in blockchain gaming history that players will have the opportunity to actually win another player’s NFTs, ushering in an entirely new way to enjoy play-to-earn gaming. Say goodbye to the days of mindless fungible token grinding, things are getting serious.

Play-to-earn, up the stakes and face fierce competition fearlessly.

It’s your roll.

Draco Dice Development Fund

The dice are gorgeous, the game is fun — and we’re ultimately impressed with the technological progression this project has made.

Because there is still so much room for growth and expansion, and to help give developers a foothold in the field, a Draco Dice Development Fund is being put into place.

Essentially, 5% of all primary sales and 5% of all market fees will be transferred into a wallet used entirely to fund other developers making games that use Draco Dice.

There’s no better time than the present to dive in and take advantage of the opportunity.



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