Introducing AtomicAds: A Supercharged Cloud Wallet Advertising Experience

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We are thrilled to announce that AtomicAds, the leading Demand-Side Advertising Platform (DSP) for Web3 businesses, crypto projects, blockchain games, and NFT collections, is now available for hundreds of thousands of Cloud Wallet users! This powerful marketing automation tool enables global advertisers to reach a massive audience, amplifying their impact in the ever-growing world of Web3 gaming.

Unleash the Power of AtomicAds

By integrating with WAX’s Cloud Wallet, AtomicAds significantly extends its reach and empowers game publishers on the WAX blockchain to tap into vast global advertising opportunities. With the self-serve AtomicAds platform, advertisers can enjoy flexible integrated crypto and fiat payment solutions and purchase ads network-wide or on individual sites.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your advertising campaigns in the Web3 space?

Defying Industry Norms with AtomicAds

In contrast to traditional DSPs that often restrict advertisers and publishers due to the risk of potential fraud, AtomicAds paves the way for a frictionless advertising experience. Their platform allows advertisers to buy high-quality traffic at scale and offers publishers the creative control they crave.

Jeffrey Haas, Chief Revenue Officer of AtomicHub, says, “We are excited to be working with WAX Cloud Wallet to offer targeted and effective reach for businesses who want to promote Web3 products, crypto services, and NFT collections to relevant audiences at scale.”

Safety First: Ensuring Trust in the Web3 Space

User safety is at the heart of their mission. AtomicAds manually reviews all applications from advertisers and publishers, conducts Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to guarantee privacy (but not anonymity), and thoroughly examines creatives and URLs provided. This rigorous process ensures trust and transparency in the Web3 space.

How important are trust and safety to you when engaging with advertising platforms in Web3?

Maximizing Budgets With the Bidding System

AtomicAds allows advertisers to book ads for specific dates and times, but advertisers can also compete for slots via their bidding system. This is a great way to secure air time at a potentially lower cost for brand awareness campaigns.

Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the advertising experience for WAX Cloud Wallet users and beyond. Embrace the power of AtomicAds and elevate your advertising game in the world of blockchain, NFTs, and digital collectibles on

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