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Meet the New Project Pepper Stake with a Beneficial Staking System

This article is published on behalf of WECAN.

Pepper Stake is a new service for the effortless creation of staking utilities within the WAX ecosystem. Pepper Stake is beneficial for project owners. They can raise awareness about their project by adding its token or NFTs to a staking pool or using the project token as a reward. As for the users, they have a chance to make a profit by staking unused NFTs and earning rewards.

Pepper Stake has been developed fully on the WAX blockchain. The primary goal of this project is to bring new valuable tools available to all members of the WAX ecosystem.

The developers of team WECAN already have successful experience in creating projects with staking systems, such as the revolutionary R-Planet. “We hope this new project will also help project owners to expand their community on WAX blockchain and create cool events, using Pepper Stake as a tool to reward their communities,” — said Nazar Chervinskiy, CEO of WECAN.

The staking system is fully decentralized, so anyone can use its own UI and/or any WAX explorer to communicate directly with the Pepper Stake smart contract. No centralized services are used to make the system work.

Anyone can create a staking system within Pepper Staking, whether they have their own project. The Staking owners should provide the Pepper Stake system the full amount of the token needed for paying the reward and the whole amount of RAM necessary for the functioning of the Staking.

The main technical requirements for a staking token is that the token for reward and the staking token should be issued on WAX Blockchain. And technical requirements for NFTs (which can be used as staking NFTs in Pepper Staking) are only of the AtomicAssets standard (SimpleAssets are not compatible), and it can be a token or NFTs of any WAX project.

Users can look over the list of available Stakings, join any of those, stake their assets, claim their reward, and unstake them at any time. However, the process of unstaking might take some time (according to the rules of this staking pool created by the owner).

WECAN is a game dev team from Ukraine. The mission of the company is to create an amazing gaming experience and allow players to play & earn using the power of blockchain technology. WECAN is one of the WAX Block Producers.

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