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We are thrilled to announce the integration of the NFT Bridge into Cloud Wallet! This innovative feature will unlock a new world of possibilities for the WAX NFT community, bridging the gap between the WAX Blockchain and Ethereum/BSC networks. No more will your NFTs be confined to one network. Enjoy free and instant transactions on WAX and benefit from massive liquidity on Ethereum. The future is multi-chain.

  • Collection owners will need to activate their collection for transfer in the Cloud Wallet and be required to prove that they are the collection owner. All WAX Collections are eligible for transfer regardless of whether they were initially created using Cloud Wallet or other WAX blockchain wallets like Anchor.
  • Collection owners will need a destination chain address that they control, which has no existing smart contracts deployed to it.

Activation will generate and deploy an ERC721 smart contract representing that collection on the destination chain using the collection owners ETH/BSC address provided. The collection owner’s address will be the owner of the ERC721 smart contract deployed, and you have to pay for the gas fees associated with the ERC721 smart contract deployment process.

  • Collection owners will have full control of their bridged collection’s utility but cannot upgrade or change the smart contract once it has been deployed. They can choose which marketplaces to list and set up their collection once the transfer has been enabled and the gas fees have been paid.

If there are multiple WAX Blockchain collections that collection owners want to enable for transfer, each will require a separate destination chain address.

Without further ado, let us walk you through a step-by-step guide on using the NFT Bridge in Cloud Wallet, complete with screenshots to ensure a seamless experience.

Step 1: Access the NFT Bridge at

To begin, go to and click on the “NFT Bridge” tab. If your WAX collection was set up through an Anchor wallet, please choose the “Anchor” option and connect your Anchor wallet to begin. (You must initiate the bridge transaction with the same wallet that owns the collection)

Step 2: Collection Setup

In the “NFT Bridge” tab, select “Collection Setup” to get started bridging your collection to Ethereum or BSC.

Step 3: Choose Your Collection and Send

Select the collection you want to bridge to Ethereum or BSC, then click on “SEND.” Make sure you have connected the correct Ethereum/BSC wallet. Cloud Wallet will ask you to approve the transaction.

Step 4: Claim and Transfer

After the transaction is approved, click on “Claim.” Your WAX Collection will be mapped onto ETH/BSC ERC721 smart contract. To finalize the transfer, you will need to sign the transaction on the ETH/BSC side and pay the gas fees associated with ERC721 smart contract deployment.

Step 5: Wait for Collection Setup

After signing the ETH/BSC transaction, the collection will take some time to initialize. Be patient; greatness takes time!

Step 6: Collection Address

Once the collection has been initialized, you can view your collection address. Congratulations, you have successfully mapped your WAX NFT Collection between networks!

We are confident that integrating the NFT Bridge into Cloud Wallet will revolutionize the NFT landscape, enabling collectors to enjoy unprecedented freedom and flexibility in managing their digital assets. Don’t wait any longer; try it out today and experience the future of NFTs!

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