OPSkins Announces Fishbank Integration, Tradable with WAX

Coming Soon: Trade the new ERC-721 game, Fishbank, with WAX Tokens on OPSkins

Today OPSkins.com announced the addition of Fishbank, a new ERC-721 token, to the marketplace! Players of the massively multiplayer battle game can collect, grow and trade crypto fish tokens based on Ethereum smart contracts. Fishbank items will be tradable with WAX Tokens, bitcoin, ethereum, or fiat currency.

OPSkins is becoming go-to marketplace to trade these ERC-721 tokens, also known as Crypto Collectibles, as Fishbank makes the third such token to be added to OPSkins and tradable with WAX Tokens. The first was CryptoKitties in December 2017, followed by the announcement of Etherbots last week.

As blockchain technology continues its push into the mainstream, blockchain-based games have been gaining more and more traction, with CryptoKitties at one point taking up 15% of the ETH blockchain.

WAX is the cryptocurrency developed by the team behind OPSkins Marketplace, the world’s largest marketplace for trading in-game digital items. WAX is designed to serve the 400+ million online players who already collect and trade video game assets and crypto collectibles. For more information, please visit https://wax.io and join the discussion at https://t.me/wax_io

Read the full press release here.