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Recap: AMA hosted by VP of Engineering Lukas Sliwka

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Lukas Sliwka, Vice President of Engineering for WAX, hosted a Telegram AMA on Thursday 4/19/2018 at 10am PST. If you didn’t get a chance to participate, don’t worry — we’ve compiled a summary of the questions and answers for you. The subject of many of the questions were related to the WAX Development Update published earlier in the week.

So, what questions were asked and what were Lukas’s replies? Let’s dive in:

(Note: some content slightly edited for grammar and formatting)

Q: Hey! Can you give any indication when we will be able to trade crypto collectibles on opskins? 👍😃 $WAX

LS: We are working on implementing a marketplace for crypto collectibles as we speak. I am not going to give out exact timelines, however, it is coming soon :)

Q: What is the development that you are most excited yourself at the moment?

LS: I love building new things; implementing a platform like WAX is very exciting as we are talking about bleeding-edge technology and business use case

Q: I know you guys have decided to augment EOS for your main chain is there any reason you didn’t investigate Komodo for launching your main chain?

LS: If we wanted to evaluate all the different chains out there then we would have been doing this process for a very long time. We needed to pare things down to main chains out there.

Q: Hi Lukas! Thanks for your time. Is the plan to keep picking up updates from the EOS mainnet and maintain interoperability, or go your own direction entirely?

LS: Hey Scott. Great question. We will incorporate as much of the main EOS development to accelerate our implementation as much as possible.

Q: Can you tell us about the recent EOS partnership? How closely you are working with EOS core devs and what’s it been like?

LS: We are just beginning this relationship with the EOS team; my hopes are high for a close partnership. I will keep you guys updated as things develop

Q: How will one get access to the scheduled MVP beta?

LS: We will work out all the early access details as we are closer to the launch. Stay tuned

Q: What current features of the EOS blockchain prevents WAX from implementing guilds and transfer agents? Because guilds are already much like the block producers whose other functions can just be made possible by making a smart contract and stating something in the constitution. Am I missing some tech details here?

LS: Great question; from the 2.0 version of EOSIO that we used, we had to significantly modify the nodes in order to implement WAX DPoS mechanism. We will watch the development of EOS very closely and we will be constantly evaluating how to proceed forward as both platforms mature. I am not ruling anything out yet.

Q: Hi Lukas! Thanks for your time. Is the plan to keep picking up updates from the EOS mainnet and maintain interoperability, or go your own direction entirely?

LS: We will be watching the evolution of EOS platform very carefully and we will be picking up updates from the EOS mainnet as much as possible. We will see what happens as the two platforms evolve.

Q: Is EOS blockchain better than the Ethereum one for WAX?

LS: We will keep an eye on Ethereum and how they solve performance and transaction throughput. Today Ethereum is not a good candidate for WAX.

Q: 2 token platform? Isn’t this messy?

LS: Potentially but this is a reality for everyone at this point as we don’t know yet how efficiently Ethereum is going to solve performance issues.

Q: Do you believe it is possible for the crypto collectibles to simply move to your platform so we don’t need to depend on ETH at all?

LS: I believe that this is a big space and there will be multiple platforms that will co-exist together. Having said that, my plan is to build the most extensible and performant platform allowing to develop a very rich ecosystem.

Q: Please tell me more about guilds, I think it’s just like the super node in EOS

LS: A guild is a marketplace with many different responsibilities in addition to just being a super node. I would suggest you dig into our whitepaper for more info

Q: I heard that the OPSkins trading is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the types of things that can be traded on the upcoming WAX exchange. can you give us some ideas on what could potentially be traded or sold on the WAX exchange? ie Digital Art collectibles or Concert Tickets or? Any thoughts on the possibilities here? Also, could other Dapps build on top of WAX?

LS: You are absolutely correct. The idea is to create a platform and an ecosystem allowing exchange of many different virtual goods. We are building WAX to be extensible enough to fill those needs

Q: I think the relationship between WAX and EOS will be very mutually beneficial. With running a custom chain, will you take advantage of the EOS network resources, or run your own servers?

LS: The thought for now is that we will start with our own servers and see how both platforms evolve.

Q: Will there be a node election?

LS: Yes there will be and this process is defined at a high level in the WAX Whitepaper. You can read more about it there; of course as we implement the technology itself I am sure things will get more defined as we go along.

Q: The release of the protocol token is still scheduled for Q4 of 2018, right?

LS: That is the plan, however, we are tied to EOS development schedule and how quickly we can push through the WAX Platform implementation. Software development, especially on the bleeding-edge of technology, can be messy :)

Q: So the chain could be integrated into game engines to build an in-game store upon it which uses WAX token/Coin? This would mean that every added Game would exponentially increase the demand of WAX while the overall amount of 1.85 billion won’t change, is that correct?

LS: Correct. We are building a digital commerce platform allowing people to develop their own marketplaces and run their own Guilds.

Q: Will you support consoles?

LS: Any game that enables in-game item trading will be able to integrate and use WAX and the marketplace backbone.

Q: Hi Lukas! Thanks for your time. Is the plan to keep picking up updates from the EOS mainnet and maintain interoperability, or go your own direction entirely?

LS: We will be watching EOS development very closely and we will be picking up updates as much as we can.

Q: Lukas, With your extensive successful track record and the different niches you have worked in, are you bringing any new ideas to the team to help be a visionary to the platform design and foundations?

LS: Yes, my sweet spot is to build engineering teams that can solve for scale and massive global concurrency while also developing engineering excellence culture. Technology is one thing but I want to build a sustainable company and team that can lead the way in this space.

Q: Will it be possible to sell DLCs or whole games with WAX? So you provide a secure and easy download ?

LS: Possibly but that would not be part of the MVP. This sounds like version 2.0 :)

Q: Are you going through the EOS VC fund?

LS: Not today. We will see what tomorrow brings :)

Q: Hi, Lukas, one more…Will Support Mobile Games Become Difficult?

LS: I don’t think so. We are building WAX as an extensible platform so integration should be easy and game developers should be able to plug into the WAX marketplace ecosystem.

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