Simplifying Game Development with WAX’s Unity3D SDK

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WAX was specifically designed to cater to the needs of game developers, gamers, and NFT collectors. The WAX team has invested years in developing its technology and ecosystem to enable digital asset ownership, resulting in the most widely used blockchain platform in the world.

By integrating web3 technology into their games using the Unity3D SDK for WAX, developers and game studios can leverage the power of the WAX platform. This integration opens up a vast range of possibilities for gamers, enabling them to create, play, buy, sell, and trade with ease on WAX’s ultra-fast, secure, fee-less, and carbon-neutral platform.

The Unity3D SDK for WAX allows game developers to focus on delivering fun game experiences while leveraging the exceptional performance of WAX to integrate an unparalleled range of functionality and game mechanics that offer Web3 benefits to players. Furthermore, the SDK simplifies the process of securely integrating decentralized technology and crypto wallet interactions, making the WAX platform easily accessible within the most commonly used game development environments. This ease of integration enhances the game experience by providing true digital asset ownership, which is a significant benefit for gamers.

Cloud Wallet Integration

In the world of web3 gaming, WAX was built to meet the specific demands of game developers, gamers, and NFT collectors, resulting in the most widely used platform globally.

The Cloud Wallet, a key component of WAX ecosystem, is designed to provide mainstream users with access to Web3 functions. It combines the simplicity of social sign-ups with a unique auto-signing technology that allows users to easily access multiple platforms, over 30,000 dApps, premier NFT collections, video games, and much more. Gamers can quickly create an account and join the millions of active Cloud Wallet users to instantly buy, sell, trade, play, and explore in a secure, decentralized, and fee-less environment.

By integrating with the Cloud Wallet and Unity3D SDK, game developers can unleash the full potential of WAX ecosystem. They can build high-fidelity game experiences while providing gamers with easy ways to manage and control their digital assets and Web3 game interactions. The Cloud Wallet was designed with frictionless interactions in mind, providing a secure, high-performance, and easy-to-use wallet platform that allows developers to integrate diverse functionality through market-standard SDKs. By opening the gateway to WAX ecosystem and tapping into its gas fee-free and lightning-speed transactions, game developers can provide an unmatched gaming experience to their users.

To start using the new WAX SDK visit Liquiid’s github.

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