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The Nifty Company: Spotlight on an NFT Pioneer

The Nifty Company (TNC) has made a significant impact in the world of NFTs with their innovative projects and collaborations. Initially composed of Joel Comm and Travis Wright, co-hosts of the popular Bad Crypto Podcast, the team has been joined on multiple projects with their sons, Zach Comm and Jharek Wright. From their inception on the WAX Blockchain in Summer of 2020 to their recent work on the Internet Computer Blockchain, The Nifty Company has been a trailblazer in the industry, pushing the limits of what can be accomplished with NFTs.

One of the company’s first major partnerships was with Cointelegraph, Coingecko, Topps, and other notable brands for their promotional campaign with Blockchain Heroes. This partnership set a precedent for NFT collaborations in the WAX ecosystem and beyond. TNC also made history with the world’s first physical NFT Kickstarter, which featured the Blockchain Heroes deck of cards and bonus NFTs.

In 2020, the team launched “The Nifty Show,” the longest-running NFT podcast, to provide insights and updates on the industry. They also made their first major release on AtomicHub.io with Blockchain Heroes, which sold out in under 30 minutes and set a new standard for entertaining and engaging pack-opening experiences.

Later in the year, TNC introduced “The Nifty Box,” the world’s first NFT subscription box, which promised one year of NFTs and ended up delighting members with 15 months of NFTs from dozens of collections. They also launched the Bitcoin Collection collectible art project, but due to a decrease in interest, the company decided to stop creating and selling it.

The Nifty Company has had several successful partnerships and releases with brands such as Quidd Collectibles, Upland Collectibles, and the Lympo app. Some of their notable releases include Blockchain Heroes 2: First Strike, Blockchain Heroes: Stonk Wars, and Blockchain Heroes on the Internet Computer.

However, not all projects have been smooth sailing. Some, such as Retro Rebellion and Draco Dice, faced challenges in their roadmaps due to decreased demand for collectibles or difficulties in finding reliable developers for a mobile game. But despite these setbacks, The Nifty Company has remained resilient and resourceful, finding alternative solutions to bring their projects to life.

The Nifty Company is a true leader and pioneer in the world of NFTs. From their collaborations to their groundbreaking releases, they have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in this exciting new world. With their innovative ideas and relentless drive, The Nifty Company will continue to be a key player in the NFT industry for years to come.

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