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The WAX Bounty Program is Here! Submit your entries beginning Friday May 11th

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Introduction to the 2018 WAX Bounty Program

The Worldwide Asset eXchange™ team has been incredibly busy these last few months — choosing the blockchain base technology, hiring, developing partnerships, onboarding Crypto Collectibles™, attending and speaking at events, and much more.

And the community has been with us every step of the way — supporting us at events, engaging in lively discussions on Telegram, and creating content around WAX (have you seen the WAX belt buckle yet?)

In return, we want to support our community by giving you the opportunity to earn WAX in exchange for you showcasing your support of our project’s mission, use case, and tech.

And with that, we bring you: The 2018 WAX Bounty Program

What is the 2018 WAX Bounty Program?

WAX is a unique project, that’s unlike most others in the crypto space. Is it any wonder that the WAX bounty program will be the same?

We’re not going to ask you to meaninglessly spam your social media followers in exchange for some measly rewards. Instead, we’re going to ask you to channel your passion and enthusiasm for WAX into some killer content that helps spread the word about how the Worldwide Asset eXchange will change the future of trading digital items.

And in exchange, there are three prize tiers: entry prize, second place prize(s), and grand prize(s).

Overall, the purpose of the WAX Bounty is to encourage the community of WAX Token holders to help us market and promote the WAX Platform and the use of WAX Tokens on the platform. We want to say “thanks for being here from the beginning!” to the current WAX community members by offering additional WAX Tokens for the best WAX community-created content.

So, if you would like to help spread the word and inform more people of the advantages of all things WAX — read on below for the criteria and examples.

WAX Bounty Program Examples & Ideas:

Full disclosure — we had a ton of fun brainstorming examples, and we’ve compiled a few to give you an idea of what we think would make some creative submissions. These are just suggestions and ideas, the only required criteria is what’s listed in the “Submission Criteria” section below. Your content can be creative, educational, funny, analytic … use your imagination!

Content (articles, videos, infographics, animations, memes, etc) regarding:

  • The WAX Platform and the utility use cases of WAX in the future
  • Announced partnerships and how it will benefit the utility of WAX
  • Guilds and how it will benefit the ecosystem
  • WAX’s use of Transfer agents and how it will benefit the ecosystem
  • Why you believe WAX Tokens will provide a desirable utility on the WAX platform, including the right to vote on the future of the WAX platform
  • The in-game items economy / secondary skins market
  • This in-game item industry’s need for safe and secure trustless transactions
  • Designers ability to design and merchandise digital items on the WAX Platform
  • The types of marketplaces that can emerge from the WAX Platform’s plug-and-play marketplace solution
  • The WAX widget and how streamers and YouTubers can utilize this to sell their in-game items directly to their viewers without their viewers having to interrupt their viewing experience to visit a different website to purchase the item, and how this is an advantage to viewers and/or streamers
  • How WAX will enable a Ready Player One type world
  • Crypto Collectibles™ and what that means for WAX
  • How WAX can affect the creation of future blockchain games that utilize an in-game trading economy

Other Ideas:

  • Promote WAX in the most extreme location you can manage
  • Memes
  • Parodies (ahem)
  • Moonbeard references
  • Come up with a creative name for the WAX Community members
  • Why WAX is the _____ of digital items trading (Amazon? eBay? SpaceX? You decide and explain)
  • 3D printed WAX objects
  • Infographics
  • Creative iteration of the WAX logo

WAX Bounty Program Submission Criteria:

The following criteria is required for a user’s content to be considered for any prizes in the 2018 WAX Bounty Program:

  1. Only qualified entries will receive an entry prize and be considered for a second place or grand prize. A qualified entry is one that’s deemed “high quality” by the WAX Team. There are no specific parameters for this, but submissions that show that actual effort has gone into creating the submission will receive an entry prize. For example, writing “WAX IS AWESOME” in pencil on a sheet of paper will not be eligible for an entry prize, but a video or photo series showing a creative illustration of the WAX logo will be eligible.
  2. The content submitted must be public and shareable on social media, such as in the form of a YouTube video, photos or animations in an Imgur album, a Medium blog post, etc. For example if you create a physical object related to WAX, submit a link to an Imgur album of photos or animations showcasing the object so that it’s shareable content. If you write an article, publish it to a blog like Medium so that it’s shareable content. At a minimum, content must be shared accordingly:

3. Complete the WAX Bounty Program Entry Form. (Note: In this form, you will need to submit links to both your Telegram post and your tweet. To get the link to your post in the Telegram channel, right click on your post if you are using the desktop app, or press and hold on the post if you are using the mobile app.)

4. The subject of your creative piece must be related to WAX. Again the purpose is to help us market and promote the WAX Platform and the use of WAX Tokens on the platform. Refer to the examples listed above for suggested content, or create your own. Please be advised that submissions related to the trading price of WAX or WAX as an investment will not be accepted or considered for any prizes including entry prizes.

5. You must own the content that you are submitting.

6. Submissions will be accepted from 12:00am EST May 11, 2018 date to 11:59pm EST June 1, 2018. There is an initial cap of 1,000 submissions (which may be extended). Limit one content submission per entrant.

WAX Bounty Program Prizes:

Now for the best part! There are three prize tiers.

  • Entry Prize: $10 USD in WAX Tokens
  • 2nd Place Prize(s): $500 in WAX Tokens plus $50 in free WAX merchandise
  • Grand Prize(s): $5,000 in WAX Tokens + a mystery WAX loot crate filled with goodies and swag
  • Bonus contest: We’re running a side contest on facebook — share your submission on the WAX facebook page to enter to win a weekly drawing of $100 worth of WAX merchandise

The amount of tokens to be issued in accordance with the prize tiers above will be calculated based on the Coinmarketcap.com price of WAX on June 2, 2018. Winners of the 2nd Place and Grand Prize(s) must be whitelisted in order to receive the prize.

Helpful WAX Facts:

  • In-game digital items trading is a $50 billion industry
  • 400+ million video game players trade digital items
  • The team behind WAX is the same as the one behind OPSkins Marketplace
  • OPSkins is the world’s largest marketplace for trading in-game digital items
  • OPSkins transacts more than 2 million items per week
  • OPSkins has millions of users in 100+ countries
  • OPSkins registers 200,000 new users each month
  • OPSkins was founded in 2015

Helpful WAX Resources:


Please refer any questions regarding the 2018 WAX Bounty Program to our moderators:



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