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3 min readOct 18, 2023


🎙️ Listen to our Twitter Spaces session from October 18th with the Uncut Team here.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Uncut to bring a fresh experience of exploring and sharing digital collectibles. This collaboration is centered on enhancing social interactions in the NFT space, offering a platform where users can effortlessly connect, communicate, and share their prized digital assets.

Dive into the synergy of this partnership and discover a new horizon in the NFT landscape.

Bridging Digital Collectibles with Social Interactions

Carlos Diaz, the driving force behind Uncut, expressed, “Teaming up with WAX is a significant stride forward. It embodies our shared mission to expand the social potential of NFTs. By intertwining our platform with Cloud Wallet, users will find it incredibly simple to spotlight their WAX NFTs and connect with a global community.”

By integrating the Cloud Wallet with Uncut, we’re cultivating a space where digital asset enthusiasts can freely share, discuss, and appreciate their unique collectibles.

An Even Closer Integration

What’s more, the synergy doesn’t stop there. As Carlos suggests, “We’re setting our sights even higher. The next phase will see Uncut’s interactive features directly embedded within the Cloud Wallet, fostering an even more engaging digital experience.”

WAX CTO, Lukas Sliwka, shared the enthusiasm, noting, “This partnership amplifies our goal to make the NFT space truly interactive. The fusion of our platforms is poised to deliver unparalleled experiences for our global community.”

Direct Access via Cloud Wallet

A pivotal feature of this collaboration is the direct integration of Uncut into the Cloud Wallet. Users can now effortlessly head to mycloudwallet.com/social, where they can not only flaunt their NFTs but also immerse themselves in a vibrant social feed and so much more.

The Barbarians Arrive on Uncut!

Join us on a Barbarian-themed adventure! We’re celebrating our partnership with Uncut by introducing “The Barbarians,” an exclusive NFT collection on the WAX Blockchain. Comprising 10,000 fierce Barbarians, these NFTs will be a free gift to everyone connecting their wallet to Uncut by November 13th, 1 PM EST. Secure your spot on the whitelist for this free PFP drop at NFTHive.io. Remember, the path to this treasure is exclusively on Uncut, so follow the official WAX account there to stay informed.

Get Started

Uncut stands as a beacon for digital creators and collectors alike, making the vast web3 landscape more accessible and community-driven. Now, with this integration, every digital enthusiast is just a click away from a richer, more interactive NFT experience. Why wait? Connect your Cloud Wallet now and make your inaugural post on Uncut.

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