Unleash Your Inner Gladiator in the Kingdom of Rada Quest!

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Embark on an epic journey through a realm filled with magic, adventure, and fierce battles. Will you rise as the ultimate champion in Rada Quest, a real-time strategy card game on the WAX Blockchain inspired by a riveting fantasy novel?

Choose Your Destiny

It all began with the creative mind of MarcosDK, who crafted a world filled with unforgettable characters and thrilling adventures. To share this wondrous realm with others, MarcosDK breathed life into these characters through captivating illustrations. But the desire to take the experience to new heights led to the creation of Rada Quest.

In the near future, Rada Quest might even expand into a mesmerizing Visual Novel, immersing you even deeper into this enchanting world.

As a player, you’ll start as a renegade, collecting cards to join one of the powerful factions — will you walk the path of the noble LIGHT or embrace the darkness of the SHADOW?

Master the Art of War

In Rada Quest, you’ll gather valuable resources by constructing and upgrading buildings, unlocking advanced technologies, resolving in-game events, and defeating other players in intense battles. Utilize these resources to strengthen your cards and dominate the battlefield!

Claim Your Throne

The objective of Rada Quest is simple: engage in thrilling online battles and complete quests using your high-value NFT cards, backed by a dynamic boost system.

Forge alliances by creating your own clan or joining existing ones. As a landowner, you’ll enjoy privileges like tax collection and participating in clan events, all while immersing yourself in a medieval and fantasy experience like no other!

A Quest for Glory

The web3 era is filled with innovation, and with it comes the responsibility of delivering value to the ecosystem. Rada Quest strives to provide a captivating gaming experience that unites a community of players with a shared passion for adventure, strategy, and competition.

Now it’s time to choose your destiny — dive into the captivating world of Rada Quest and forge your path to glory!

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