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Update on Token Distribution & Identity Verification

Tokens are being distributed to contributors who have successfully completed identity verification. To add your tokens to your wallet, use the following information for adding a custom token:

Enter the “Address”: 0x39Bb259F66E1C59d5ABEF88375979b4D20D98022

Token Symbol: WAX

Enter “Decimals”: 8

If you are using our official wallet partner Jaxx, you do not have to complete the above as the tokens will be in your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Identity Verification:

If you have successfully completed identity verification, please disregard this section.

If you have not completed your identity verification, please do so in order to receive your WAX Tokens.

I have not received my identity verification email:

All identity verification emails have been sent. The email is titled “IMPORTANT: Identity Verification for WAX Token Contributors”. If you have not received this email, please email support@wax.io with answers to the following questions:

1) Which platform you are using (iOS or Android)

2) What version you are using. To find this:

Android: Settings > Installed apps > MyVerify — that will take you to the app detail view and the app version will be right under the app name

iOS: Settings > General > Usage — Wait for the section under “Storage” shows a list of apps and choose MyVerify to get the app detail view where the version will be listed

3) What device you are attempting to complete identity verification with.

4) Any screenshots you can provide of errors

Some contributors have experienced issues with identity verification and we are working to resolve them. Thank you for your patience while we work through the process.

I am receiving an error from MyVerify:

If you started the process and MyVerify has an error or the process failed then we will send you a NEW code via SMS to try again, this could take up to 24 hours to receive.

If the process has failed a 2nd time, we will send you to a web form with an embedded link (for tracking and security purposes) to a website where you can manually fill in your info.

Please note that if you do not use the personalized code in the original email and simply hit submit on the first step in the app, you will encounter an error. If you have not received a code via SMS to start the process again please double check your original email for your personalized code and start over.

I successfully completed the verification after the first email and then received a second identical email.

We apologize for the confusion. The second email you received was sent out as a reminder to complete the identification process. If you successfully completed the process there is no further action needed at this time.

If am interested in buying WAX:

OPSkins customers may convert OPSkins Wallet Funds to WAX. For compliance reasons, WAX is unable to discuss exchanges. Thank you for understanding.

We encourage you to join the WAX Token community on WAX Telegram Announcements, WAX Telegram Discussion, Twitter, Reddit & Medium

I am in a country where there are more than 10 digits in my phone number:

We are in the process of finding a solution for you

I do not have a smart phone:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to do the verification via a different format, you must have an iPhone or Android that can run the latest version of MyVerify for your initial identity verification. We recommend finding a friend or family member that has a device that is compatible with the MyVerify app. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Why haven’t I received my tokens?

Token distribution has begun for everyone who has completed identity verification. However, the ETH network is very slow at the moment, and is delaying the distribution process.

What is the future price/value for WAX Token?

For compliance reasons, WAX is unable to discuss future pricing and token value. Thank you for understanding.




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