WAX Cloud Wallet Unveils Major Upgrades with Redesigned User Experience

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Updated 03–02–23: The upgrade period for dApps has been extended to April 30th, 2023.

As part of our 2023 roadmap, we’re thrilled to announce the new and improved WAX Cloud Wallet experience, making it easier and more visually appealing for users.

Simplified Onboarding

To streamline the process of introducing customers to the WAX Blockchain ecosystem, a new user can now create a Cloud Wallet account without having to pay anything when they create their wallet until their first blockchain interaction. This will allow web3 developers to easily bring on new users, give them a chance to explore their web3 offerings, and then convert them into blockchain users by either paying for their Cloud Wallet account or allowing them to go through the standard Cloud Wallet paywall flow.

Dashboard Upgrade: Easier and More Intuitive Token Management

Dark mode lovers, rejoice!

The dashboard now allows you to choose your preferred theme, whether you prefer a dark or light background. Making it even more user-friendly with the improved dashboard, making it easier for you to track your NFT and WAX portfolio.

Token Performance: Keep Up with Market Changes

The token performance section has been updated to show you the 24-hour change in both percentage and value, so you can stay on top of market changes.

Stay Informed with WAX News

The latest news from the WAX Blockchain is now just a click away with the improved WAX News section.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Trending Dapps and Hot NFTs

Highlighting the top performing dApps on the WAX Blockchain. The Hot NFTs section keeps you up to date with the top trading NFT collections in the last 24 hours.

If you are part of a project and would like to submit your Dapp to appear in WCW, please apply here.

UI Upgrades for Better User Experience

The ‘My NFT’ Inventory section has been redesigned for a better user experience, allowing you to easily manage your NFT collection. The dApps Explorer section gives you a comprehensive view of the current trending dApps on the WAX Blockchain.

Easier Staking Rewards and Token Bridge

The Staking Rewards section has also received a UI upgrade for a better user experience. The Token Bridge has also been optimized for a more seamless experience.

If you are part of a project and would like to get your banner up on WCW, please apply here.

The new and improved WAX Cloud Wallet is designed to make it easier and more visually appealing for users to interact with the WAX Blockchain. With a simplified onboarding process and access to liquidity in other ecosystems via the NFT Token Bridge, users can now easily manage their NFT collections and engage with web3 applications with ease. The dashboard upgrade provides a more intuitive token management experience, allowing users to stay informed with market changes and the latest news from the WAX Blockchain.

Whether you’re a seasoned web3 user or just starting out, the improved WAX Cloud Wallet is the perfect gateway to the world of decentralized applications and NFTs. So, why wait? Sign up for a Cloud Wallet account today and start exploring the possibilities of the WAX Blockchain!

NFT Token Bridge

Unleash the full potential of WAX blockchain utility with access to liquidity everywhere. The NFT Token Bridge has been introduced to make all 335+ million NFTs created on the WAX Blockchain available on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. More EVM chains, such as Polygon, will be added in the future to further extend the reach of the WAX ecosystem. Content creators and game developers can now continue creating web3 applications on the WAX blockchain while accessing liquidity in other ecosystems.

NFT Token Bridge Fun Facts:

  • The Cloud Wallet bridge will be bi-directional, allowing digital assets to be transferred back to the WAX Blockchain via the Cloud Wallet bridge once they’ve been transferred to another chain.
  • Collection owners will need to activate their collection for transfer in the cloud wallet. Activation will generate and deploy an ERC721 smart contract version of that collection on the destination chain, with the collection owner as the owner of the smart contract. The collection owner will have to pay for the gas fees associated with the ERC721 smart contract deployment process.
  • Collection owners will have full control of their bridged collection’s utility, but will not be able to upgrade or change the smart contract once it has been deployed. They will be able to choose which marketplaces to list and set up their collection once the transfer has been enabled and the gas fees have been paid.
  • Secondary marketplace fees from the bridged collection will be determined according to the secondary marketplace setup controlled by the collection owner on the destination chain, typically to the collection owner’s address.
  • Bridged collections will no longer participate in WAX DeFi and can only collect trading fees on the blockchain. There will be no collection setup fees or individual transfer fees initially, but users will need to pay for their own gas fees on destination chains.

The bridge functionality is a fast follower to the main Cloud Wallet launch and it will be enabled by the end of the first week of March 2023.

Action Required for Developers & Projects

The Cloud Wallet is a popular and widely used wallet for interacting with the WAX blockchain. If you’re a developer who’s currently using the Cloud Wallet in your Web3 app, it’s important to note that waxjs library versions older than 1.3.0 are now deprecated. You have until April 30th, 2023, to upgrade to the latest version to ensure uninterrupted service; after the upgrade period expires, deprecated versions will stop working. To avoid issues and ensure that your app continues to work as intended, it’s important to upgrade your library to the latest version. The good news is that upgrading is a straightforward process, and you can find all the information you need in the documentation provided by the library’s developers. The following links will guide you to the relevant documentation: Github and waxjs package.

As a result of the recent deprecation of waxjs library versions older than 1.3.0, we will be taking measures to ensure a smooth transition for our users. We understand that upgrading to the latest version may take time, so during the upgrade period, we will be running the old version of the Wax Cloud Wallet in parallel to the new instance.

This means that users will still be able to use the deprecated versions during this period, but we strongly encourage everyone to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible to avoid any issues. After the upgrade period expires, we will redirect the old wallet to the latest version, and deprecated versions will no longer be supported.

To ensure that your Web3 app continues to work as intended, we recommend upgrading your library to the latest version and following the relevant documentation provided by the library’s developers. You can find all the information you need in the documentation provided by the library’s developers, which can be accessed via the following links: Github and waxjs package.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to ensure the best possible user experience on the WAX blockchain. You can access the new instance of Cloud Wallet here.

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