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WAX Community Developer Highlight Series: CryptoLocally

What does the project do?

CryptoLocally provides easy access to WAXP Tokens for people wanting to buy NFTs on the WAX Blockchain.

Prior to launching CryptoLocally, founder Jae Chung says “Access to WAX was really difficult for the community before we came in. They had to figure out the maze of centralized exchanges, long verification processes, and buying BTC to trade WAX. We built a one-step solution where anyone with Internet connection could get on the platform, and buy/sell WAX directly using any payment method (e.g. PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, bank transfer).”

CryptoLocally was released in January 2020.

Who is behind the project?

  • Jae Chung (Co-Founder of CryptoLocally, HKEOS, bloks.io) — Telegram: @jaechung, Twitter: @_jaechung
  • Hugo Campanella (Co-Founder of CryptoLocally, HKEOS, bloks.io) — Telegram: @hgkam

What are the project’s greatest accomplishments?

  • Partnering with top crypto companies like Binance, FTX, Animoca Brands, and MakerDAO
  • Hitting 25K+ users and exceeding $1M USD in trading volume
  • Integrating multiple protocols for P2P trading (EOSIO, Tron, BTC, Ethereum, Binance Chain, and more)
  • Launching GIVernance to allow token holders to govern CryptoLocally

What would the project creator like the community to know?

“As many of our WAX users know, trading crypto peer-to-peer removes a lot of barriers to entry and makes crypto a lot more accessible to everyone,” says Chung. “We want to build a future where even the unbanked people in developing countries can access crypto as long as they have an internet connection.”

“Furthermore, CryptoLocally makes the P2P trading experience secure and trustless through our non-custodial escrow. The recent hack on KuCoin showed that funds on a custodial exchange’s hot wallets are not safe — non-custodial solutions not only increase convenience, but also help you stay in control of your funds.”

Where can you find the project’s community?

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* The information in this blog post was provided by CryptoLocally

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