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WAX Community Developer Highlight Series: Dark Country

What does the project do?

Dark Country is an American gothic card game, where in-game assets (NFTs) are owned by the players. The goals of the game are to unleash the power of NFTs for any gamer, while being high quality and fun to play.

Dark Country offers multi-chain support and easy, one-click onboarding via WAX Cloud Wallet, Scatter, Anchor, and others. This helps connect the majority of blockchain gamers and regular gamers on one platform.

Who is behind the project?

  • Oleh, CEO of dapplica, who can be found on Telegram at @freezepro
  • Ivan, CTO
  • Tony, Head of Marketing
  • Danny, Game Designer
  • Vitalii, Blockchain Developer
  • Marian, Unity Developer
  • Olha, Artist

What are the project’s greatest accomplishments?

“Dark Country is here for more than one year, our biggest achievement is our loyal community,” says Oleh, CEO of Dapplica (the WAX Guild behind the game). “We build a product to last, we want to bring better games into blockchain, and our audience is appreciating that. We have accomplished several smaller and bigger sales, so the market is ready to use assets in our game starting from beta.”

What would the project creator like the community to know?

They recently released Early Alpha, and anyone with an Early Ticket can play. These tickets can be found in their starter packs, or on AtomicHub.io and Collectables.io for less than $1. They are working towards a January 2021 release for the beta version.

Dapplica also launched another project that connects game developers and players, called NEST, which is the first cross-NFT project built on WAX. NEST is a decentralized hub for gamers where owners of WAX NFTs can create and play games using their collectibles. People can create games by using Dapplica’s Smart Contracts, which are written on the WAX Blockchain, to plug their game into the NEST platform with minimal effort. For simple single player games, no blockchain coding knowledge is necessary. NEST currently supports Blockchain Heroes and Dark Country NFTs, and more are coming like KOGs and Topps’ NFTs. You can learn more about NEST here.

Where can you find the project’s community?

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* The information in this blog post was provided by Dark Country

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