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One of the things we are most proud about at WAX is that we purposely built and created this blockchain to be carbon neutral and eco-friendly. WAX is the most used and transacted blockchain ecosystem for NFTs, dApps, and games, providing a safe and convenient way to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual and physical items worldwide. It has partnered with highly respected names, including MLB, Hot Wheels, AMC, NASCAR and Funko.

WAX prioritizes the environment above all else and has achieved certification as carbon neutral by Climate Care. WAX has been green and carbon neutral since its inception and in 2021 we started to partner with Climate Care to track what we have offset. WAX has offset over 211 tonnes of carbon dioxide, and it continues to increase daily. WAX uses a delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) system, which is 125,000x more energy efficient than other blockchain technologies.

WAX encourages individuals to offset their personal carbon footprints with Carbon Offset vIRL NFTs. For every $1 spent and composted, the National Forest Foundation will plant one tree sapling, which will offset approximately 1 tonne of carbon during its lifetime. Thanks to Proof-Of-Stake (PoS), the entire WAX blockchain has the same carbon footprint as only 5.5 individuals in the USA per year, whose average carbon footprint is 20 tonnes per year.

Above and Beyond

We are so proud of the many projects on WAX that contribute to the earth conscious efforts and align with our mission be be green. Here are a few of the top green projects on WAX:

Tree Peace: Planting Seeds of Change with NFTs

Tree Peace, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about personal carbon footprints, actively contributes to global reforestation efforts. They ensure that for every $1 spent on their NFTs, one tree sapling is planted. With the purchase of an NFT, buyers can help plant anywhere from 1 to 100 saplings, each of which will sequester one tonne of carbon over its lifetime.

This innovative approach not only promotes environmental consciousness but also enables individuals to directly contribute to a greener future.

Plant a tree at

NFTs for a Greener Tomorrow: AtomicHub & Meta Carbon’s Sustainable Alliance

Last year, AtomicHub partnered with Meta Carbon to promote sustainability in the Web3 space. By leveraging Meta Carbon’s technology, AtomicHub users can offset CO₂ whenever they buy an NFT, and directly support a range of climate-positive projects around the world. Those that offset the most carbon emissions each month also earn exclusive NFT rewards — a true win-win!

To date, the WAX community has collectively offset over 250,000 kg of CO₂, making a real impact on rainforest conservation, sustainable initiatives, and the protection of endangered species around the world.

Check out for more information.

Earth Day 2023: Embracing Art (Giveaway)

Get ready for Earth Day 2023 with an exciting NFT Drop featuring artwork by the talented Ajay Toons! These carbon-neutral NFTs are not only environmentally friendly, but also easy to obtain. All you need to do is complete a few simple social tasks, and you’ll receive one of these unique digital art pieces. Don’t miss this chance to celebrate our planet and enjoy Ajay Toons’ amazing work while supporting a greener future.

Sign up for the NFT Drop here:

The Future is Green

WAX continues to lead the way in eco-friendly blockchain technology, its green creators and projects. The platform is committed to offsetting carbon footprints and has created innovative solutions. WAX has partnered with notable names in various industries, proving that sustainable technology can coexist with entertainment and commerce. With the growing demand for environmentally conscious solutions.

How are you staying green? Let us know & join the WAX Community

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