Hot shit I found this week

Each week we share with you some of our favourite tracks, either new releases or something we’ve never heard before. Here’s Luke’s latest vomit of music:

I’m loving everything Aussie synthsters Yeo are releasing recently (if you haven’t listened to Got No Game yet do yourself a favour). They popped up on Triple J’s Like A Version this week, which is basically a better version of Live Lounge, with a cover of Japanese Wallpaper’s Forces, which has some serious funk and a killer keytar solo. ‘Nuff said.

Nao is a London-based soul/R&B/chill-hop/electronica/something else singer. While her voice is lovely (it is), it’s the production on Girlfriend that absolutely kills. The track rolls over you like gentle waves, and feels a bit like if Diplo produced The XX.

Alcopop’s latest signing Happy Accidents have the kind of lo-fi indie sound that fits perfectly at home in the current UK DIY indie scene. A little bit Spook School meets Martha, with a slight bit of Los Campesinos! or Johnny Foreigner thrown in for good measure. The new track, Running, is making me look forward to their album very much

How can we do a New Shit We’re Listening To without mentioning the new track FINALLY dropped by The Avalanches. Twitter seems to be split over the long, long, long, LONG-awaited new material from the Australian maestros. From ‘ugh it’s just electro swing’ to ‘OMG IT’S ELECTRO SWING’. So… basically, it’s hip-hoppy electro swing. Make of that what you will.

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