New shit I found this week 22/07/16

Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S) has in six short years become something of an institution. I heard this one via a recent NTS show and threw it into my

There’s some disagreement in W&S towers over Michael Kiwanuka. I am firmly on the ‘he’s fucking awesome’ side, and this is one of my favourites that I’ve heard.

Here’s the ‘it’s an old song, but a new discovery’ — Nenes’ cover of No Woman No Cry. I like Bob Marley, in the way that I like the Beatles — I’m never going to complain if it’s put on but I’d never choose to put it on. Nenes’ cover however, I’ve been playing daily all week now.

After Born Slippy, I was always a bit sceptical listening to other Underworld. Which in retrospect was a ridiculous thing to do, because it turns out they’re actually very good. Nylon Strung is a gem I heard via Radio 6 recently and am now a big fan of.

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Wax & Stamp

Music writing, curated and commissioned by Wax & Stamp

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