That new shit 12 August ‘16

By the time you read this, I will be on the glorious Italian Riviera. Lapping up azure skies, endless Mediterranean seas, and drinking enough Barolo to drown in. As it is, I’ve written this in advance, which is unlike us here (usually we get a Slack from Ali the morning it’s due reminding us). Anyway.

DJ Koze is the boss, isn’t he? Not only did he make probably the best DJ Kicks of all time, he consistently produces and mixes to a tip top standard. This remix of new northern producer Låpsley is as on point as you can get. He closed his Dimensions set with it last weekend. Shit went off.

Last year on Sunday Afternoons, Jon played a track by Khruangbin, which to this day I still can’t pronounce. This newbie People Everywhere (Still Alive) carries on in a similar delicious vibe. I will be listening to this while driving through Italian hillsides.

Olefonken is from Norway but grew up in Africa. He plays alongside the likes of Lindstrom and produces music with a balearic melancholy that only a Nordic could. Quaaludes is beautiful if a little sad. Listen to this late at night, waiting for a night bus while the strong British wind cuts across your face.

LNTG’s output is ridiculously high and so every now and again, one really slips you by. His edit of Prince’s Controversy is one such edit. Do I Believe In God does what I always wanted from this Prince number: loop that proto-French filter house guitar and synth way more than it is in the original.

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