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Featuring Anders Eskildsen— OIG Candidacy Short Interview

Support Anders— Will work hard for the better of the community and ecosystem

About OIG:

Office of Inspector General — A watchdog committee that publishes monthly reports recognizing the value WAX Guilds are creating for the WAX ecosystem.

It’s the 4th OIG Elections ongoing right now! As part of the election process, one of the three positions in the OIG team gets filled and the winning candidate will serve 18 months term as Inspector General(IG).

Candidate Introduction:

Anders is 31 and from Denmark. He is a community builder for multiple projects today. He is an early adopter of crypto and has been in the industry for about 9 years, most of the time working as a community manager. He has experience working with various blockchain communities outside of EOSIO.

Over the last year, Anders has been contributing 18 hours a day to different wax projects. He is currently working with different teams on projects such as Presearch, MotaCoin, and Flashcoin, Luckynano (a casino site), and Playerkillers.exchange (another Nano game). He has also helped a lot around in Nano and Banano communities over the years.

He is also the current community manager for Bihut.network, DUST, NiftyWizards and BlowjobToken.org on the WAX, EOSIO space.

His goal is to help build and make the WAX ecosystem better!

We at the WAX Galaxy team put together some specific questions for Anders to understand where he stands on various topics related to the OIG. Please find the answers below:

1. What brought you to WAX?

I have been a gamer and NFT lover for years but the WAX was the first place I thought really made sense for that.

2. WAX Inspector General role is a very important position in the WAX governance model, what is WAX governance to you and what does this position mean to you?

It means that I would need to work even better and harder than I already do but for the better of the whole ecosystem

3. What are the different issues you have identified in the OIG framework so far?

I think the way the voting on a position like this could be better and more trustworthy.

4. What is your stance on bias-related issues in OIG evaluations? Do you have any plans to avoid potential biases?

There will always be bias in places like this but would do my best to prove them wrong.

5. How do you plan to improve the communication related to WAX Governance activities in WAX Community?

I am a multi-project community manager and one thing I know is how to bring the community together, and provide support on whatever you are doing.

6. Do you have any specific proposals or ideas you want to implement to the OIG framework?

If I get voted in, come ask me that again after a couple of months

7. If you are to win the nomination for the WAX OIG, what should guilds do to stand out in your opinion?

Always be working to better stuff for us all and running a stable trusted Guild will be the only way to go.

8. What direction would you like to see the OIG move towards in your opinion in comparison to the existing framework?

For now let’s say I would love to see them do more to synchronize the community.

9. Why should the community vote for you? — One-line pitch

The community should vote for me because nobody will work harder for the better of the community and ecosystem.

That’s it! Thanks for your time in reading the short interview! If you want to support Anders, find the voting link below:


If you have any questions for Nathan, you can reach him directly on the following channels:

Do check out the other candidates here: https://oig.wax.io/candidates



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