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WAX Galaxy — July Updates

OIG Evaluation Updates

WAX Galaxy — OIG Evaluation Updates July

As some of you might have already known that as a Guild operator in the WAX ecosystem we work with various activities to grow the eco-system rather than just providing the infrastructure for the network. We understand that it’s always hard to follow what Guilds are doing and how you can participate in the WAX Governance process.

From this month forward we will share regular updates on our contributions to the ecosystem and will also try to help you participate in the WAX Governance.

Before diving into the details, let’s look at some of the highlights in the WAX ecosystem over the last 30days:

Quick Introduction to WAX Governance

On WAX Blockchain, you can be part of the Governance process today by participating in two key activities — By Voting for Guilds, Participating in OIG Elections.


  • Guild means a Block Producer (or) Validator Nodes.
  • OIG means Office of Inspector General — A watchdog body helping the WAX community by evaluating & generating reports on Guild contributions.

Some Facts:

  • OIG consists of 3 team members and is elected by the community through OIG Elections. The recent elections ended in July.
  • There are top-21 guilds who operate the network and are referred to as Active Guilds and then the remaining are referred to as Standby Guilds.
  • OIG team evaluates all the guilds who are registered on the network every month and generates reports based on pre-defined criteria. The guidelines and reports can be found here: https://www.notion.so/eosdetroit/WAX-Office-of-Inspector-General-b519bd5514ac4da696e798c4df12b0a7

How to participate in voting for guilds?

In order to participate in voting, you need to have WAX tokens and they should be staked. You can find more information about staking here. You can also go to https://stake.wax.io/

To vote for Guilds, you can go to https://wax.bloks.io/vote, log in with your wallet and select the guilds and vote.

If you are unsure about selecting the guilds, you have two ways to get help:

  1. Check out OIG ratings here and vote accordingly.
  2. Vote for proxies: https://wax.bloks.io/vote/proxies

That’s it! Enjoy voting & be an active community member!

WAX Galaxy Updates from July

Let’s start with first things first! The network infrastructure, most important aspect of our day-to-day operations.

At WAX Galaxy(previously known as GreenEOSIO), our team is one of the pioneers in running the first EOSIO software. But with the astronomical growth, we are seeing in WAX, it is becoming a challenging task to maintain and provide stable infrastructure to the community.

As part of our strategy, we are actively working to improve the quality and stability of our infrastructure.

  • You can find information about our endpoints here.
  • All of our WAX infra is now updated including mainnet and testnet to the latest version of WAX software(v2.0.12wax01). We are ready to test the next version v2.1.0 once it’s available.
  • We have also updated our WAX Hyperion nodes with the latest software version to offer full-history API requests. It’s currently syncing!
  • We are one of the very few guilds that are offering a stable Atomic API node today. We are seeing significant growth in the number of requests/connections coming in over the last month.
A short GIF to show the requests flowing into our Atomic API

Upcoming for August:

  1. Optimised and scalable WAX Hyperion API.
  2. More Atomic API nodes to balance the load.

If you have any custom needs or want someone to offer standalone API nodes, feel free to reach out by sending a message to @sukeshtedla on telegram.

Ecosystem Development Activities

As a Guild, we also focus on bringing value to the WAX ecosystem by enabling other products and services to support the WAX network through partnerships and collaborations.

As of today, we are working with 3 different products and services that add value to the WAX ecosystem.

Kryptoskatt — All in one Crypto Tax and Accounting Software

Kryptoskatt — All in one Crypto Tax and Accounting Software

Kryptoskatt is set to launch in the following weeks and it is our flagship project. It is the first service in the market to support NFT portfolio management and reports generation.

Also, the first service in the market to support WAX Blockchain NFT markets and token transfer reports for compliance purposes.

All the work related to WAX Mainnet is done!

You can test the latest platform here: dev.kryptoskatt.com

Sign up for early access here: https://kryptoskatt.com/

T-Starter — IDO and Token Sales Platform

You can access the site here: https://app.tstarter.io/wax

T-Starter is a project launchpad platform. START is the T-Starter platform utility token. It allows you to;

  • Stake to qualify for VIP tiers and staking rewards
  • Get guaranteed allocations in token sales based on VIP status
  • Get bonus tokens during pre-sales
  • Participate in platform governance and project selection
  • Use the social components of the platform

T-Starter is launched on WAX and is fully integrated now. https://t-starter.medium.com/cross-chain-staking-and-more-5a210964e060

We at WAX Galaxy, support T-Starter to spread the word and help them to establish partnerships in the ecosystem.

Latest Updates:

  • The first Start token sale has raised ~32k WAX and has ended [https://app.tstarter.io/wax/pools/1/]
  • Active collaboration discussions are ongoing between T-Starter & some active contributors in the ecosystem.


  • More active marketing campaigns focused on the WAX community will follow in the coming month.
  • T-Starter is looking to add support for token vesting and a lot more services to help projects and NFT artists fundraise.

Zeptagram — Zepta NFTs platform

Zeptagram is a multi-blockchain NFT marketplace supporting the Music Industry and Intellectual Property(IP) rights industry with its end-to-end services. One of the first marketplaces to support multiple blockchains and also the first NFT platform in the market offering royalty management and distribution services to the music industry.

ZeptaNFTs has finished the integration of the NFT marketplace with WAX Blockchain. It’s the second only platform after Atomic Hub to offer NFT creation and minting functionalities.

The platform is currently live in the Beta stage and can be accessed here: https://wax.zeptagram.com

You can already create, buy, sell, and auction NFTs today from existing markets.

Next Steps:

  1. Marketing and Launch Announcements in the WAX community
  2. Closing on-going token sales
  3. Adding FIAT integrations

Our community engagement contributions:

In addition to all the work we have presented so far, we actively engage in the community and promote the WAX network and projects through our social channels.

Highlights of our work: During the latest OIG election period in July, we have actively promoted the OIG elections through our interviews, video guide, and WAX Galaxy Bot, thus contributing towards a successful OIG election with 400+ voters.

Original Content:

OIG Candidate Interviews and Custom Graphics for election promotions:

Marketing Campaign(Giveaway):

We are about to announce the winners from our NFT Sales Bot campaign. The rewards will be provided as NFTs backed with WAX tokens. — 1000 WAX rewards

Are you the lucky one to receive the WAX Galaxy NFT ?

WAX Galaxy NFT

Social Media Campaigns:

We have been trying to create and share content through our social channels below, we also highlighted some stats from our work.



Active Engagement in Telegram Groups:

  • We are now an admin of @waxjobs telegram group with 104 members. We are looking forward to creating one more group in Discord as well
  • Our team member Waxtronaut has been very active in multiple telegram channels answering questions, setting the dialogue in trade channels etc. He has also joined Discord.

Greenybot Updates: (@waxgreenybot) [telegram]

Latest Stats: use /adminstats command

  • Users Count: 316
  • Accounts Count: 511
  • Token Transfers Monitored since december: 326535

WAX Galaxy Sales Bot Updates: (@waxgalaxybot) [telegram]

Latest Stats:

  • Users Count: 184 (26% Increase from last month)
  • Accounts Count: 299 (42% Increase from last month)
  • Token Transfers Monitored since 1st week of May’21: 172595 (71% increase from last month)

That’s it, guys! Thanks for taking the time to read through our updates.

If you think we are doing a great job, don’t forget to vote and support us. You can vote for us by following this link.

If you have more feedback regarding our work and would like to partner with us, please reach out to @sukeshtedla in telegram.

You can also follow us on Medium and Twitter to keep up-to-date.



WAX Galaxy goal is to produce blocks, tools and useful content for the WAX blockchain networks by engaging, empowering & educating the community.

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