This week we did our very first creative meetup at Bamboo HQ.

The idea: Let’s bring people together through a common interest of making ideas better.

Why? We ask ourselves that a lot. The thing is, ideas precede change, so how we manage them matters. How we test them, nurture them, and stretch them can make all the difference in our success. The other thing is, great ideas are made up of a lot of good ideas. You need to give your ideas a chance to socialize. Sound crazy? It’s not. When we share ideas with a diverse group of people, we get access to viewpoints and perspectives we could never come up with on our own. That’s valuable! Your good idea becomes even better.

Introducing Forefront, a new creative meetup.

Brandon Loper

We want to create an environment where we can improve ideas together — a safe place where fellow creatives can share their ideas and get valuable input. We also want to hear new perspectives. So we invited the uber creative and talented filmmaker, Brandon Loper, to join us. Brandon’s recent film “A Film About Coffee” is a stunner. The film is visually beautiful, and the sound design is on point. It’s a film that gets as close to touching all the senses as possible. I highly recommend it. Brandon shared his thoughts about pursuing your dream, believing in it, and the power of storytelling. He showed clips of the many iterations of his idea and how opening himself up to other’s feedback helped him get a better story in the end. Not easy.

We hope to host a Forefront meetup once a month. It’s a great opportunity to get inspired and simply stay in the game in a world where burnout can easily reign. To get notified about the next event sign up here.

We also want to thank our sponsor, Zocalo, for providing amazing food. Also, Oak Park Brewery, for the tasty craft beer.

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