A Glimpse into Causeway’s Incubation Process

It’s our fifth time around, and we are taking all of our lessons learned to make this Causeway Challenge the best one yet. We know that any solution to youth violence issues has to be consistent and long-term, or it’s not a solution at all. Over the next four months, we will be incubating our ten Causeway Challenge winners, helping them make their projects as impactful, and as innovative as they can be.

Causeway incubation draws on a lot of inspiration and expertise. It’s informed by the Lean Startup model found in CO.STARTERS; it goes back to our roots in crowdsourcing and the value of grassroots projects; and it’s heavily influenced by the mindsets of design-thinking that include empathy, prototyping, optimism, and iteration. We encourage the winners to start by deeply investigating the problem and the players, then quickly shift into action, developing their solution based on a thoughtful approach that responds to their research as they head into the testing phase.

At the end of Incubation, our hope is to have allowed each person the space and the support to test their idea. At the very least, by going through the process, each person should have strengthened his or her “leadership muscle” by having conceptualized and executed on a community project. At best, the actual projects should be stronger than they were at the beginning with data to analyze their success. In all cases, by the end of incubation each person should have clearly defined understanding of what’s next for the project, either ready to replicate it or further refine it if it’s not quite working.

This is a new chapter for the Causeway Challenge. Meeting with the project leaders weekly gives us the opportunity to get to know our Challenge cohort in a more meaningful way, that we believe will yield a lot of insight and inspiration both for our project leaders and for our audience of social innovators. Consider this your introduction to a brand new landing page where you can find all of our posts about the Youth Challenge from Waying In, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We’ll be posting weekly, so plan on visiting the Youth Challenge page regularly to follow our challenge winners as they grow and implement their ideas to reach Chattanooga’s youth. You might just pick up some inspiration for your own idea along the way.