Eye on the Prize

Youth Challenge Incubation: Phase 1, Week 6

As our final Youth Challenge meeting came to a close this week, we took a moment to step aside from practical matters to dream big with a “Write Your Headline” activity. The cohort authored imaginary newspaper articles with a headline announcing the success of their solutions.

Here’s Laura Brown’s headline:

Mayor Applauds Impact of the Write Solutions

The Mayor of Chattanooga held a press conference today to thank coach Laura Brown and the Write Solutions youth team for their contribution of a creative and workable solution to foster safer communities. The Write Solution Program has fostered entrepreneurship skills in the lives of 15 Chattanooga Youth by promoting direct sales of their Write Solutions Handbook. This handbook has been instrumental in helping schools and community organizations design solution-based programs to decrease school violence, truancy, and gang recruitment.

Need a motivation boost for your own solution? Try crafting a future-dated newspaper article that dwells on your solution’s potential to impact the city.

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