Mapping Our Impact

Since 2015, we’ve put a lot of time and energy into tracking certain metrics to measure our impact. This information is super valuable to us. Essentially, it allows us to make better decisions based on the people and ideas we work with.

Here’s one measurement we’re excited to share with you: the where of Causeway’s impact. Take a look!

Where are the people with ideas coming from?

This map illustrates where the greatest concentration of people that work with Causeway live. Of the 323 ideas that have come through our doors, the zip code 37404 (East Chattanooga) generated the most ideas that made it to Causeway: 46 total. Signal Mountain, Northside, East Brainerd, and Downtown also followed high levels of participation.

Where are these ideas being implemented?

This map reflects 168 implemented projects, including Co.Starters, crowdfunding campaigns, and challenge winners. The zip code 37402 (Downtown) had the highest concentration of projects: 26 total. East Chattanooga, Signal Mountain, and Northside also were also popular locations for projects.

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