Measuring Impact

Youth Challenge Incubation, Phase 1, Week 6 Pt. 2: Measuring Impact

You’ve found your cause, planned your solution, and implemented your program. But how do you know if it worked?

Measuring Impact is one of the most overlooked tasks when building a social cause. The reason for this is easy to understand: Social entrepreneurs can be overwhelmed with immediate needs, and much less with preparing for life after the solution.

But consider the benefits: If you don’t take the time to define what success looks like, how do you know when you’ve achieved it? Our Youth Challenge cohort is using practical tools like Logic Models, Evaluation Plans, and surveys to prepare for understanding and communicating the impacts they will make.

In the face of pressing tasks, measuring impact seems like an exercise reserved for the well-organized entrepreneur, but we can’t stress enough how important this is for your solution. Having organized data about your impact can help you get funding and stay up-to-date with the ways you’re spending time and money. Intrigued? Start here: 6 Ways to Start Measuring Impact.

We’re kicking off a new chapter for the Youth Challenge cohort: Testing Phase. For the next month or more, they will be in their communities implementing their solutions in a variety of ways. Stay tuned for weekly updates on how the Youth Challenge programs are impacting the lives of Chattanooga’s youth.

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