Monday Muscle: Survival Tips for Startup Week

The tip/tool/inspiration to start your week strong.

Startup Week 2016

It’s Startup Week here in Chattanooga and we couldn’t be more excited. This year’s Startup Week features workshops from a Crash Course in Design Thinking (taught by us) to Speed Learning and even fun dance events like a Silent Vibes party.

The key to making the most of your Startup Week is to plan ahead. To help you prepare for the busy week, we asked our office to share a few survivial tips. So here goes:

  • Don’t overcommit. Choose a few events that are absolutely non-negotiable and be flexible towards the rest.
  • Write or print out your schedule. Use the Startup Week website to make your schedule and email it to yourself or print it to help you organize your week better.
  • Scope out events that serve food and drinks. You have to eat, right?
  • Find a balance. Pick events that encourage professional development and balance those out with a few fun events too.
  • Connect. Startup Week is a great time to meet new people. Be sure to find time to network and most importantly, connect.
  • Take a nap + drink coffee. This is probably the most important tip. Even better, combine the two and take a coffee nap.

Happy Startup Week, Chattanooga!

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