Monday Muscle: Your New Color Addiction

The weekly tip/tool/inspiration to start your week strong.

Ever have trouble coming up with a cohesive color scheme for your new design project or branding exercise? It’s often difficult to pick the perfect palette just by going with your personal preferences. For those in the thick of the creative process desperately trying to come up with a theme that communicates their mission, brand, or overall experience — look no further: the Adobe Color CC app is your new (and addictive) best friend.

The app allows you to toy with various colors, arranged in a wheel according to their chromatic relationship. You customize your color rules, and the program does the rest- even allowing you to save your palette creations to your Adobe ID account. An especially fun aspect? Upload an inspiring photo to Adobe Color CC and it will create a custom color scheme pulling from the colors in your photo.

The best part? It’s totally free. Try it out for yourself here: