What’s New with Muse of Fire

An update on our play challenge winner

The Muse of Fire, an after school program for students ages 10 to 12, helps kids learn the basics of acting and communicating through written and spoken word. So far, the program has been helping the kids develop the skills they need to write their own original play which eventually will be performed by local adult actors.

Project leaders Lisa Crowder and Stevie Ray Dallimore are creating an experience of success in young people all while promoting literacy and the arts. When we asked how the program was going, Stevie Ray eagerly told us a story from their last session about one of the shyest students in the class. Stevie said, “She practically freezes when you talk to her — even if it’s as simple as getting her to tell you her name. But this week, she got up on stage with an adult volunteer and did an improv scene about a leaf and a tree. She played the leaf who was afraid to leave the tree even though it was autumn and time for the tree to let all of her leaves go. It was very touching and sweet and she was really into it. She grew a little more after that exercise. The whole class loved it.”

It’s not often that adults get to experience and participate in a unique story that illustrates how children see the world. We’re excited to see the final performance!

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