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#5: The Multiplying Effect of the Addition of Hearts

Ways to Feel Human is an international poetic movement in which humans share the greatest feelings their hearts know, and I write them as haikus to be discovered in random locations around the world. Learn more here!

To know I become
more than my heart ever was
by speaking with yours

What do you think is the greatest feeling we can experience as humans, and why?
As corny as it sounds, I believe it is love.

Why? There are many reasons, but I’ll try to explain just a few.

First, most human actions, goals, and accomplishments are driven either by fear or by love (this is an opinion). Whether it be religion, a goal you set for yourself, or a simple daily act, every action a human takes is done through some sort of fear (boss being mad, eternal damnation, etc.) or by love (promise of a better life, want your child or pet to be happy, love of humanity, etc.).

The most vivid and meaningful times in my life have all come through the result of feeling, giving, receiving, and sharing love. At music festivals, love is all around and in the air. Everyone is friendly, looks out for one another, and, in general, is willing and excited to share their love of humanity and each other with one another. The same is true for relationships, between two lovebirds, best friends, or family.

Not really sure where I am going with this, but I do believe that love is the greatest feeling we can experience as humans. It provides an emotional backbone for life, for bettering oneself, and, most importantly, can and IS shared with others that are around you. When you are loved and are giving love to others, everyone is affected in a positive way.

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