How To Get 100 Followers?

Here are a few techniques to get your initial 100 followers on Medium.

For what reason do I want 100 devotees on Medium?

The main motivation most journalists need to add to the following on Medium is to hit the initial threshold for the accomplice program. Whenever you’ve reached and met other eligibility necessities, you might possibly monetize your Medium articles.

However, I would urge you to ponder your following. If you’re centered around arriving at 100 followers to MONETIZE you’re missing out on the chance to assemble an enthusiastic following that will engage with your content over the long haul.

Oladimeji Ajegbile

Getting to 100 supporters is significant, however, these methodologies are outfitted more toward a comprehensive gander at your follower account. They are expected to assist you with developing your following after some time and guarantee that you’re building an engaged audience that really thinks often about your writing.

In the long haul, this will serve you better than racing to 100follower and overlooking their quality.

Request followers in the correct manner:

The most straightforward method for developing a following on Medium is to request that individuals follow you. I know that sounds so basic that it’s useless. Yet, actually, most authors don’t request followers effectively. Furthermore, assuming you believe that this strategy should work, there are decent ways of getting it done and a few terrible ones.

There are two keys to asking somebody to follow you:

An incentive

The second part of asking followers is offering a reasonable benefit proposition. At last, readers couldn’t care less about you. They care about the worth of the content you’re giving.

Write a lot:

Whenever you’ve included a reasonable follower ask at the end of your articles, one of the main things is to write a ton of articles.

The more stories you have on Medium, the more possibilities you need to get followers.

Keep in mind, it’s alright assuming that your articles are a blend of long-form and short structure. if you write a Two minute read that your audience finds helpful, and you put a convincing ask at the finish, you can in any case get followers similarly as effectively as on a seven or Ten Minute read.

Leverage Your Other Networks:

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Individuals who follow you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social networks have previously shown an interest in your content. If they partake in your content on another platform, it’s probably they’ll partake in your content on Medium too.

Write for Publications:

At the point when you’re initially beginning on Medium, your lack of followers implies that your accounts will probably be disseminated to a set of individuals. That turns into a chicken and egg Problem. You don’t have Followers so your content doesn’t reach as broad an audience. Also, on the grounds that your content doesn’t reach as wide a group of people, getting followers is more diligent.

One way out of this circle is to write for publications. At the point when you write in well-known publications, you get instant access to their audience These can be a huge number of individuals at times.

Use all these strategies effectively, and you should have your first 100 followers in no time.

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