Why Do You Have Low Engagements?

Engagement is a superpower, you never had, but you need now.

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Oh, I had days where I had little to no engagements and I would look up ways to know about the reasons behind low engagement on medium. I have tried and applied methods to my profile. And If you’re still looking up on google, then try this article, if you haven’t googled enough.

You have low engagement because of the following reasons. Work on your content.

1. Title —

Work on your Headings. It makes the reader click on your article. That’s why people work on their articles. Sometimes your contents differ totally from your headings which makes the readers leave those articles. With an increased bounce rate. They are mostly clickbait. Nobody likes click baits. To produce content that is mentioned in the title, you need to write according to your mentioned title.

A title that makes you want to click.

2. Content–

Well, Your stories may not be fun to Read. It does not have any flavor. It’s not humorous. If not for the humor they are reading for the content. It’s not adding value to the life of your readers. Educate your readers that’s a must. You know a reader only reads your content if he likes what he has been served on the plate. If the content is nutritional to him. Makes him Healthy. He will consume it often.

Some stories make the reader go to heaven. Okay, so send your readers to La La LAND! Make your reader say, I needed this type of content, or wow, This is thought-provoking. I was so looking for this type of content!

Produce content for the readers. Get to know about Your Reader's likes and dislikes.

3. Images —

A photo speaks a thousand words when writing does not. Good images are appealing to the eyes. They get opened pretty quickly because they are damn attractive to the readers. Don’t just use the plain boring pics from Unsplash and Pexels. Tons of writers have used these pics on medium. Well, what’s new? Everybody is using them. Have some competitive edge here. A competitive edge is always better for leveling up your game. Make your photos have some personality of its own. Use different photos. Find good pics from different websites. And make them your asset. This will be handy to you. Just rotate your website from where you take photos, now and then. To bring uniqueness to your articles. Make your article wear good clothes (photos). Dress your article nicely.

Some websites are here —

  1. Icons 8,

2. Giphy,

3. Canva

A picture speaks a thousand words when writing doesn’t. That is true, Sadly.

4. White Space —

Okay, when I started I didn’t know a thing about white space and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. Nobody talks about white space but it’s important to have white space in your articles. You know, most people use mobiles to read articles. This means more people are using mobile screens. This means less spacing with squeezed words on your small screens. That doesn’t happen on desktops. Desktops have more spacing. Your article looks neat and tidy. Great for eyes.

It makes your article look professional. Good for readability. And gives a great vibe to the eyes. It looks classy and presentable. Good for user experience. Tons of benefits in one, no? That’s why when you write leave spacing. Have a balance of both your words and spaces. Make them your asset.

Give them space to breathe. And they would shine.

Okay, now let’s talk more about the real deal in the article. The above 4 points dealt with you working on others' content. Now, the second part would deal with Your fellow writers' content. You can’t grow without lifting others in your journey. That’s a fact.

5. Checkout Other’s content —

A Low Engagement means that you are only focusing on your own writing. And not checking out other writers’ content. That’s bad news. This also means you were not consistent in engaging. You need to engage more with others consistently. Choose 5 or 10 writers and engage with their content on a rotation basis. You can clap, comment, and follow them. And create a list of their content in your medium Profile.

Leave feedback on the writing. Add something to the conversation in the comments. Be consistent in engaging with people on the platform. You should support other writers because that’s how you grow.

By the way, checking others’ content gives you ideas. It widens your perspective and ideas for your next content; you get to know the tone of writing and style of writing and formatting style. That you can use to adapt your writing style.

I have distributed writers based on the consistency in engagement and in content. So, there are 3 types of medium accounts of writers you’ll find on medium. Let’s dig in.

  1. The Writers who solely focus on their contentWriter A, you grow in your writing, but there’s no growth in your Engagement. Initially, I was in Writer A category and it took me 6 months to cross the 100 follower mark. I lacked in engagements here during the period of 6 months. Afterward, I changed my strategy. And I was in category B.

2. The Writers who solely focus on their engagement — Writer B, here deals only with engagement. So, there was no growth in writing. When I was in category B, I focused more on engagements which resulted in me getting more followers up to around 130–150 followers. I decreased my consistent writing pattern which broke my 6 monthly long writing pace. And I felt I needed another change in strategy. I moved to category C.

3. The Writers who focus on both engagement and content — Writer C, here deals with both writing and engagement growth. When I was a category C writer, I focused more on writing and engagements. This resulted in me picking up a pace in my writing and engagement up to around 130–150+.

You gain experience through trial and error on the way. Everything you do is trial and Error.

So, which category do you fall in?

3. 1) Your Publication Engagement — Most people don’t even use the publication they are part of which is a bad call on their part on this journey. A publication can give you the reach you want. And the exposure of your content needs to the right audience. You are exposed to the audience. You need to engage with them. When they leave some feedback you too, would do the same right?

Make sure you check out other writers’ content who are part of the publication. Give them the support you would want with yourself. Just because you are part of the publication does not mean that you stop engaging with your fellow writer’s content. Just engage with 5–10 writers’ content from your publication. And that will do. Leverage the Publication Your part of. Make a name for yourself in the publication through your content. Most people don’t do it. And they fall behind in their goals.

3.2) Your Community Engagements–

By community engagement, I mean your engagement with your own followers. You must have seen that articles of some writers have less engagement right? The engagement is pretty low there. Engage with your followers’ content. If you don’t do that your followers won’t check your content. Well, it’s a totally different matter if your content is irresistible. Offer them the information your readers need. Engage with them regularly per 2–5 accounts per day.

6). Reciprocate —

I can’t stress to you how important reciprocation is for a writer and reader. It's the heart and soul of your content. IF you do not give them love then you won’t grow as well. The creators depend on their audience. If there’s no audience the creator would probably stop producing the content. So always give back to your readers.

What you get, give it to others.

Give them LOVE and they would RETURN your Love. With the same enthusiasm.

Parting words —

Okay, this article was based on how you increase your audience.


Checklist —

1. A good heading that clicks.

2. Educational Content that gives value.

3. An attractive image.

4. A white space that is great for the eyes.

5. Checking out others’ content

6. Reciprocate the love you get.



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