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Dear reader,

First of all, please let me thank you for reading this story. You can read a quick introduction of myself by following this link.

I would like to start making you some questions:

  • Did you go through the process of reaching the 100 followers?
  • Did you struggle to achieve it?
  • Would you share your tips with the Medium audience to support them reaching this same goal?

If the answer to my last question is YES, then keep reading… But before moving forward, don’t forget to follow this Publication.

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Why this Publication?

After joining Medium few months ago, I started publishing some content but I saw the follower count was not increasing as expected. So, I started investigating and came up with the follow for follow idea.

This approach worked really good for me and I wrote these 3 stories to share it:

Now, I decided going one step further and compiling all the stories with this same content just for supporting all the new joiners to increase their followers count. This is how “How To Increase Your Followers Number” came to reality.

How could I publish here?

These are the guidelines

Really easy, first please make sure your content follows these guidelines:

  • Make sure that your story is proofread and free of grammatical errors
  • Ensure you have the rights to use the images and content in your story.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Process to submit

If you are aligned with the lines above, just follow this Publication and drop your username below as a comment so I’ll add you as a writer. As easy as it sounds!

By the way, I recently created this story with the step by step process for submitting with us. So, once I’ll confirm you’ve been added as a writer, just follow this process, really easy!

Thanks for reading this story! Can’t wait to start publishing your stories!

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