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As all great travels begin, we start with a drunken proposition. Dive deep into the world of drinks…

A rebellious young man is guzzling a daiquiri. He is lying on top of the bar and the words treat yourself apear next to him
This piece should be pared with: Bas Armagnac Napoleon Learn and Mozart’s Requiem Lacrimosa Listen

My obsession with the Restaurant Industry began as a barista one blistering summer day in Tucson as I was wasting the afternoon away. I didn’t have a care in the world. As far as I was concerned this would be my gig forever, when in walks the beverage director for the restaurant across the way. He sits down, without ordering anything, ruffles his rugged brow unbuttons his blazer, and scanned through his notebook leisurely. I had seen this guy before but bartenders and Sommeliers weren’t in my universe. I was content with free pouring pretty flowers on top of lattes and clocking out at 3 pm thank you very much. As my shift went on, the long oak table was surrounded by beverage representatives. They were all waiting to taste the gatekeeper of the wine list on their latest products.

‘Now you’ve got to try this Muscadet. The mid-palate will blow you away’ or ‘I really don’t get it. How don’t you have a terroir-driven gin on your list yet?’ Put yourself in my shoes for a moment. I liked drinks already, but this was on a whole other level. They went tet e tet for descriptors: Mellow stone fruit parried sharp limestone undertones in the chardonnay that was swirled so surreptitiously the wine didn’t even know it was being aerated. It was beyond pretentious, and I loved it. What twenty year old would be able to resist such a calling? I was hooked. I wanted that job.

This is Wayward Muse, or rather the notes we took while making it. If you are unfamiliar with our platform, we are a Media company focused on the Restaurant industry and its connection to culture and travel. Personally, I needed to take notes to understand the process of making a media platform. So my insights, mistakes, and successes will fill up most of this blog.

I have spent my entire life hopping between zip codes and the occasional continent. Bartending gave me the ability to glide over to a new culture and land back in the US, find a new set of shaker tins, and start anew. Ever since I glimpsed the world through the lens of bartending I knew I wanted to share it with the rest of the world.

This opportunity presented itself in Chicago where I was able to witness some of the most passionate industry professionals hone in on their craft. Chicago is known for being a foodies dream town so it’s a great place to begin our journey Over the coming weeks, I’ll share their stories and insights.

Our media channel began when I first arrived in Chicago off a plane from Madrid. I had been so inspired by the different cultures that I had experienced in different continents that I was intrigued by what the Midwest of the US might have to offer. Being stuck in a basement in the suburbs provided perspective on my life as I realized I wanted to share what makes drinking culture so unique. Really I couldn’t focus on anything else. It became my idee fixe. How do I create a unique facet of the bar industry? So I began to look for all the examples of bar television series I’d have to compete with except there wasn’t really any. The market was completely barren. I mean I found some old examples of flawed canceled shows, but nothing new and vibrant to fit the times. I really couldn’t fathom it, and based on this description I bet you can’t either.

Now we watched what we could of “bartending shows” and we were left unsatisfied. We found no joy in watching Redacted content to avoid Lawsuit turn every dive bar into a neon-lit suburban family chain for 22 minutes at a time. The host would scream a chain restaurant knock-off into existence and you were supposed to be entertained and tune in again? There was nothing of substance that could highlight what went into creating your Apertivo Spritz for happy hour, your Paper plane in the evening, your hanky panky nightcap. (Yes those are all real drinks. Just follow this publication’s Instagram to dive into these classics)

We have set out to pioneer a sanctuary to the cocktail world within the food and drink category of your chosen viewing platform. It began by filming in the city we were in. We spoke with strangers and friends. We expanded our content so that it can relate to everyone. So here you will find the notes and stories of the industry lovers we interviewed, and on our website, you’ll find our podcast and 4k Show. We are your Wayward Muse.

Our whole careers we have dropped out, quit, or were fired from what was socially acceptable. We turned away from what was right and proper. We pondered and meditated in order to create a euphoria that could erase your doubts of the day. We are your Wayward Muse.



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We are a Bar Media platform that dives deep into the world of drinks. Join us as we share great spirits and experiences! yourwaywardmuse.com