WAYWO This Week


Summarizing the pursuits-in-progress of the brightest and best.

Hackers are always working on something new. WAYWO — What are you working on?


Starting this week, I’ll be browsing the Hackathon Hackers WAYWO Facebook group for the top projects of the week (usually determined by number of likes), and writing about them. As available, I’ll be talking to makers about their projects. You can view the original Facebook posts by clicking on the title.

1. A Christmas app for Mom

This week’s most-liked WAYWO post was an app from the heart. Hacker Kevin Xu made an iOS messaging app for his mom for Christmas. He wrote a blog post about why he made the app — it’s adorable, to say the least.

It features mom-friendly features such as easy messaging, “likes”, and tinder-esque swiping that allows you to quickly share moments from Twitter and Facebook.

To my understanding, Kevin will be continuing to develop the app and is looking for people to work on it with him!

2. CodeAlong: Open Source CodeAcademy

CodeAcademy is well-known in the tech community as a tool to pick up new languages. However, the scope of learning is limited by the lessons CodeAcademy chooses to release. Cody Short is working on an open-source alternative, which would allow anyone to make lessons for the community.

It’s still early-stage, but the idea really took off within the WAYWO community.

The source is available on Google Code.

3. Tracky Flow: Open Source Movement Detection

Pat Pataranutaporn caught our attention this week with a video that showed off Tracky, his movement detection system. It allows developers to easily harness movement data without any special knowledge or equipment. People were even more excited to learn that he opensourced it.

Check out his website for more info.

4. Condor.js: Dynamically enumerated inputs

The Hack at Brown website has been making waves with it’s clean, modern design. Designer Chén Yè released the first of several plugins from the site, allowing other hackers to integrate parts of the design.

The first release was Condor.js, the jQuery plugin that powers the site’s smooth dynamic lists. The code and more information are available on github.

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