Bigger, more flexible carpools are here!

Carpoolers — we’ve got an exciting update!

Drivers can now pick up multiple riders at different stops along their route with little-to-no detour. Get ready to fill those empty seats, save even more on gas, and make your carpool more fun.

Riders: Easily join an existing carpool. Whenever you see a driver’s profile with a green “Available seats” badge, simply request to join and wait for confirmation.

#ProTip: Confirmed a carpool? Share the details with your friends and invite them to fill the extra seats. Just tap the share button at the top right corner of your screen.

Drivers: Once a carpool is set, additional riders can ask to join. You can accept or decline — and in the future, you’ll be able to offer rides as well. Stay tuned for that update!

#ProTip: Now when you send multiple offers, you may end up getting more riders in your carpool if they share the same route. So don’t be shy — offer those rides!

More improvements

Thank you to all our Waze Carpool veterans who took the time to share their feedback. Your insights helped us improve the overall experience. We’ve redesigned the Waze Carpool screen you see during a live ride. Now, drivers can easily see their full drive itinerary, contact their riders, and start their carpool with one tap.

Plus, more stops won’t make for a more complicated drive experience. Waze seamlessly guides drivers to every pickup and drop-off spot, and lets them mark their progress so riders stay in the loop.

Maximum savings

With more riders on board, you can save even more. Drivers can fill up to 4 seats in a carpool, and earn a bit extra with each rider — keeping in mind that prices are adjusted, so they don’t exceed the total sum of gas and wear & tear.

For riders, prices may be adjusted with each person who joins. The amount will depend on distance, but riders can get a great deal on their ride to work or school.

Ready to rev up your commute and meet a few more Wazers? Be sure to use the latest version of Waze and Waze Carpool to try a group-pool.

Happy carpooling!