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Drive Your Cares Away with Fraggle Rock

There’s nothing a little fun and a Fraggle friend can’t make better—even being in the car

This fall, make back-to-school easier by bringing the fun-loving spirit of Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock to your commute! That’s right; Fraggle Rock is taking over Waze to coach you through traffic, sing a song or two, and show us that the road is a better place if we just save our worries for another day.

September 24th marks the 85th birthday of Jim Henson (1936–1990), so we’re celebrating by bringing his beloved franchise to Waze for a limited time. When you activate the experience, Silly Creatures of all ages will be transported to Fraggle Rock — a world that celebrates diversity and acceptance — and get inspired to follow the Fraggles’ example by doing good in their own communities.

Once you’re “down in Fraggle Rock” you’ll meet fan-favorite and ever-energetic Red Fraggle, as your voice navigation, letting you know the road is “full of all kinds of surprises.” There are vehicles inspired by the tiny and industrious Doozers, and you’ll find a full cast of Waze Moods, including Red, Boober, Mokey, Gobo, Wembley, a Doozer, and Junior Gorg.

Sharing the roads in harmony

Despite our differences, we’re all connected to each other — and it’s no different when we’re on the road. So as you head out on the roads this fall, drive your cares away with the Fraggles — because there’s nothing a song, friend or tasty Doozer stick can’t make better — not even traffic!

Click here for the full Fraggle Road experience, or tap “My Waze” in your Waze app and click the Fraggle Rock banner to activate. It’ll be available everywhere, in English, for a limited time.



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