How to Carpool with Classmates

How to carpool with classmates

A new semester. A fresh class schedule. It’s time for a better school commute, too.

Think of Waze Carpool as service that helps you stay on budget, on-time for class, and even make a new friend. Because when you Waze Carpool, you’re not driving with a professional. You’re sharing the cost of a ride to, and from campus with a classmate or fellow commuter going the same way.

To find classmates on your route, open your settings; that gear in the top right corner of your Carpool screen. If you want to drive, make sure you’re in the Waze app. Want to ride instead? Open the Waze Carpool app.

Next, add your school email. Don’t forget to check your inbox for an email that’ll ask you to verify.

Then, try filtering your carpool list so that only classmates appear. Tap the 3 dot menu at the top of your Carpool list, then tap edit this ride or edit this drive (depending on the app you’re using).

Looking for more tips? Want to chat with some carpool experts? Join our Waze Carpool Community Group.

Happy carpooling!