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How to Improve Your Mobility Habits for a Greener Future

It’s time to reimagine the way we move.

This Earth Day, it’s time to reimagine mobility and fight for greener transportation.

Investing in greener infrastructure

Walk or bike when you can.

Are electric vehicles really the solution?

Electric vehicles include cars, buses, bikes or any other vehicle that uses an electric motor.
Micromobility is lightweight transit like bikes or scooters that people can borrow for short-term use.

Shifting toward shared mobility

Shared mobility gives people access to short-term use of bikes, scooters, cars, and more types of vehicles as needed.
Ridesharing is when drivers offer rides to passengers, usually for a fee.
Carpooling is a great way to reduce cars on the road (hint: Waze Carpool can help you find people along your route).

Eco-friendly transportation habits everyone can try

Microtransit includes transportation methods like shuttle vans.
If you’re in the market for a second car, consider buying an electric car or bike, or opting to use a car-share service instead.

Imagine a future with greener transportation options

Advocate for better public transportation in your community.
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Waze creates community on and off the road. Bringing together drivers, riders, municipalities, first responders and transit authorities, we solve transportation problems, improve mobility and work to end traffic altogether.

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