How to sign up to Waze Carpool

How to sign up to Waze Carpool

Whether you prefer to command the wheel or relax in the passenger seat, you can have a cheaper, friendlier, and faster commute with Waze Carpool in a few easy steps. It’s about time you started enjoying your commute, right?

Drivers, open the Waze app and tap the Carpool button on the bottom right of your home screen, then hit Get started.

Riders, download and open the Waze Carpool app.

From there, it’s the same 3-step process for both riders and drivers: enter your daily commute route & schedule, and connect your Facebook or Google account to complete your profile. After that, you can add your work or school email address to find fellow coworkers or classmates on your route.

A few #ProTips to remember:

  • Your “work” address doesn’t need to be a workplace, it can be your college campus, a volunteer center, or wherever you commute to regularly.
  • Make sure your addresses are as accurate as possible — they are kept private, and are only used to find you the best matches.
  • If you ever want to hit “snooze” — or hit the gym — good news: you can update your schedule whenever you want, just go to settings and tap route & schedule
  • Enter your phone number. This is a one-time step that allows you to contact the people in your carpool. And like your addresses, your number stays private. Note: carrier rates may apply.

Looking for more tips? Want to chat to some carpool experts? Join the conversation in the Waze Carpool Community Group.

Happy carpooling!